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King Louis XIV

No description

alex martin

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of King Louis XIV

King Louis XIV
Born September 5 1638, died September 1 1715
Died 4 days before he turned 77
Was in power when France was the dominant power in Europe and a leader in the arts and sciences
Ascended to the throne at age 4 aand 8 months
Never depicted without a wig
created the palace of Versailles and city of Versailles
Married his first cousin
Believed he was a direct represenative of god
Louisiana territory was named after him
Led wars against the Netherlands
Very well liked
Had the longest reign in French history
Believes in absolutism
"Ah if I were not king, I should lose my temper
"It is legal because I wish it"
"Has god forgotten all that I have done for him"
"I am the state"
"First feelings are always the most natural"
The Ideal Government:
Use absolute power (all power held by one individual)
Have a reason of "public good" (believe that the public is good rather than evil)
Strengthen royal power rather than the power of the nobles
Have privacy through actions (be conservative, and not open about your actions)
Rule through being feared and loved
Have divine right (no one can question his word. The right to rule directly through god)
Government used in class:
Mr. Frechette would have all power
He could make a quiz without telling Mr. Mahar or any of the students
Give homework, without consulting Mr. Mahar
If you wished to do something you would have to ask Mr. Frechette before hand
Have belief every student is doing good rather than evil (no punishment, or strict rules)
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