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Student-led Staff Awards: Beyond a Popularity Contest

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Rachel Arland

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Student-led Staff Awards: Beyond a Popularity Contest

How it works
Thematic analysis
The future

do students value in
National Union of Students (NUS) and Higher Education Academy (HEA) introduced a project offering SUs the chance to apply for funding for their project
Student-led Staff Awards: Beyond a Popularity Contest
Rachel Arland
Edge Hill University

do students value in
personal tutors
do students value in
support staff

Vice President Academic Representation 16/17
Edge Hill Students’ Union
01695 657 311

Staff Awards not Teaching Awards
What do the awards in SLSAs do?
How it works
Reward & Recognition
The Future
“Last year she took me out of a lecture and realised that something was different,
she encouraged me to go see the student counsellor
, and
took time out of her free time to help me
in anyway I needed.

She encouraged me to carry on
university next year, and I believe that if she hadn't took the time to personally help me then
I would have dropped out of university

2011/12 – 166 nominations
2012/13 – 708 nominations
2013/14 – 1,029 nominations
2014/15 – 854 nominations
2015/16 – 469 nominations

How did we market the event, using our grant?
Graphic designer produced new branding
Sponsored social media
door hangers in halls
Bunting around campus
Posters & flyers

Identify what excellence means to students

Recognise and reward excellence
Collect data for dissemination of best practice
1. Students nominate staff via an online form

2. Faculty Reps and VP Academic Representation sit on a shortlisting committee -
shortlisting is based on
quality over quantity

3. VP Academic Representation alongside Directorate choose the winners

EHSU give staff a certificate of recognition, with an extract from their nomination

Winners are given their awards at graduation, in front of their peers, the students and their parents

The institution gives a £500 personal development grant to award winners

Best practice resources are produced for circulation

Findings are presented at relevant boards and committees

EHSU will continue to work with the Centre for Learning and Teaching to make best use of valuable data

Annual Awards Evening

Nominations open throughout the year

Videos interviews with awards winners and their nominees

Further Plans
Awards Available
Course team of the Year
Inspirational Lecturer of the Year
Personal Tutor of the Year
Most Engaging Module of the Year
The Sustainability Award
Above & Beyond - Teaching
Above & Beyond - Support
We produced a collaborative submission with the Dean of Teaching and Learning Development pledging to use it for marketing
EHSU was awarded the £1000 and joined the first cohort of SUs to take on the project through the grant
What do students value in lecturers, personal tutors, and support staff?
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