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Digital Marketing

No description

Henrik von Lowzow

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Digital Marketing

Support & input
Overall Brands digital plans
Budget allocation/investments
Digital briefs to agencies
Feedback on site and creative proposals
Social platforms & maintenance
E – commerce projects
Pushing digital project through OTIF The Nordics Digital role…. Owns
Identifying, aligning and sharing overall Nordics strategic digital guidelines
OLV (Investment, buying, format & tracking)
Brand direct to consumer E-Shops (Durex)
E-coupon and similar
Cross brand projects (Syncapse, Skyscraper, Ecrm)
Identify and roll out value adding digital tool
X - Tracking
X – Brand Synergies
X – Business gap identification
Mobile platforms
Team capabilities & training
Relationship with Global team
Agency relationships & rooster Events TV Content ties in all areas of digital marketing OPPORTUNITY: Consumers are searching for content related to your products: E.g. 62 million global searches in the stain removal category

POINT OF ENTRY: Search drives 87% of all visitors to brand websites

AUTHORITY: Presence in natural search reinforces a brand’s authority and expertise

VISIBILITY: Consider Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as a ‘digital shelf space’ or POS that your brand needs to appear in Why SEO is important to RB SEO
Search Engine Optimisation

Not the sexy part of digital marketing, but maybe the most important? £1 Billion – the global target The size of the prize……. Why measure? Improve existing & future campaigns

Comparing your activity to benchmarks

Assess your effectiveness

Understand the impact of non-digital

Understand the “cross channel” consumer The top 5 positions take 90% of the clicks
84% of Internet users use search engines to find that they are looking for (as their starting point)

Google reaches 97% of the Italian Internet audience

80% of searchers won’t look past the first page of search results & most of those won’t look beyond the top 5 results

87% of RB Brand website traffic comes from search engines

‘Universal Search’, ‘Real-time’, ‘Instant’ search, ‘+1’, ‘Google Lens’…. No.1: Search keeps evolving How is SEO different from Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? You’ll hear SEO and SEM used together in sentences all the time, but they are not the same. SEO is one part of SEM along with other methods including, link development campaigns, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and pay-per-impression advertising (PPI). SEM - Paid search SEM - Paid search SEO - Natural SEO - Natural SEO - Natural SEO - Natural SEM - Paid search SEM - Paid search SEM - Paid search SEM - Paid search SEM - Paid search No.2: SEO & SEM Digital communications is the electronic distribution of information (via web, Internet, mobile, TV, outdoor etc.)

Digital supports and complements traditional marketing channels by adding value & enhancing / extending the consumer experience

Today, it involves a ‘tri-alogue’... Communication between the brand, its customers, influencers & specific interest groups

Digital provides a platform for highly dynamic, interactive & measurable marketing, whether it’s promotional, brand, PR or service-related
It’s not all about digital! Or TV; Or Outdoor; Or Press; Or Radio.... But about integrated communications

The Internet is not replacing offline marketing, but enhancing and adding value to it through technology We have to think integrated….
Blippable print materials
Your consumers are / will be digital natives 25 yrs old 2000 50 yrs old 2025 35 yrs old 2010 1994 (Have grown up in the digital world) (Have come to digital world since adulthood) Digital Natives Digital Migrants Think multichannel
It’s not just TV, radio and newspapers..

YouTube sees over 3 billion+ video views per day & 830,000 uploads

Today (October 2012), there are over 30m UK Facebook users & over 1bn members worldwide Think social…. While offline is where our heritage is, Social Media has become ‘addictive’ around the world, as people connect, communicate and socialise with each other personally & professionally

www.facebook.com, www.linkedin.com, www.twitter.com, www.plus.google.com, www.pinterest.com….. Here’s a lovely story... Castle Lager: The On / Off customer experience He collects the loyalty points from his Castle Lager purchase 8 Steve, newly graduated Proactive
Customer Service Analytics
Driving Personal
Promotion Added Value
Services and
Engagement Acquisition
Through Digital He sees that he can use a virtual coupon to Buy One Get One Free Company runs analytics as well as sets up campaigns for new registered customers In the bar Steve checks his app to see if there are any promotions on Castle lager Information on Steve’s experience is collected and, recognising Steve’s loyalty, he is sent a voucher for Castle Lager. However Steve does not like Castle Milk Stout as much as Castle Lager Steve logs into “Pick n Pay” to complete his weekly shop and buys the offers sent to him. Steve receives email via Eloqua, with an offer on a Castle Milk Stoud 6 13 12 11 10 9 7 5 4 3 2 1 Steve buys some Castle Lager which is running a competition around the Rugby World Cup and loyalty program Steve has just joined a graduate trainee scheme at an accountancy firm Steve enters the competition through his Iphone Steve downloads an app to keep up to date with Rugby World Cup, find bars and collect loyalty points Steve wants to meet some friends after work and uses his app to find one that shows the Rugby world cup What is digital? Banner Ads Web analytics Brand assets Online Video and bought media ecrm SEO Social media e-tailing Mobile Content is the brand experience: It brings the brand to life Put the consumer at the heart of your social program

Offer Genuine Value (informative, entertaining)

Leverage existing conversations / content enhancing existing behaviour – not trying to create new ones

Plan holistically across consumer touch points to deliver integrated activity

Build brand personality and equity through storytelling

Programme of on-going activity (not ad-hoc)

Optimal balance between effort and reward

Be true to your brand spirit, be imaginative, playful, emotive and most importantly – relevant

Test and Learn – measure each engagement and develop best practices and benchmarks.

Measure the impact to growth
RB Social Principles No.2: But….For RB brands, Facebook is NOT an island! It’s expanding every day 1.5MM+ users 2MM+ users 2MM+ users 100K+ users 800MM+ monthly users visit site 500K+ users 2MM+ users 230MM+ users 1 BN+ monthly active users 11MM+ users 20MM+ blogs 115MM+ subscribers 232MM+ monthly active users 62MM+ users 80MM+ users 51MM+ users 160MM+ users 15MM+ users RB GDMT

With the growth and importance of the digital channel RB has reacted.
A global team has been put in place, to drive global project, best practice and the over all digital agenda

The global team create guidelines and reco for the regions What are we doing here Friday learning afternoons What is digital
What is it for RB
The media landscape in the Nordics
3 topics we need to consider (for today)
Value through viral?
Social media and the content
SEO... yes we really need to understand this!

The Nordics Digital role

Everything we do needs to be rooted in ROI.

It's easy to get excited about the opportunities, and we can in theory do them all.... if we can prove a acceptable ROI

But what is the right ROI? But key is: So get it is OK to get excited.

Because by defining the right ROI and aligning these we could be make Viral video like these!

So get excited! We'll cover E-tailing at a later date, but for now I'll leave you with this video... think consumer! They will cover areas like:
"Digital marketing"
"Agency management"
"Brief writing"
"Mobile marketing"
And much more! Learning & spending time as a team and thus getting better Learning session are sessions we arrange to build our knowledge and skill.
We'll run these once a month. So what now? We are all busy and digital is just part marketing However, Digital is growing rapidly in importance of our consumers and should therefore also for us Digital marketing channels can be complex and changing, and not everyone has time to keep up I'm here to help and guide us to deliver the best possible digital executions with the strongest ROI possible Thank you Ps.
Email will be distributed with link to deck + a calender with learning session times and topics So, if you are planning to do anything digital or have questions, ideas, opportunities or just want a sounding board for digital initiative, please grab me! (Example)
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