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Athens And Sparta

No description

Wonjoon Kim

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Athens And Sparta

-Boys and girls different training.
-Boys live army age 7.
-baby is not healthy death
-women had more freedom
-killed slaves because afraid rebel
Athens and Sparta By Wonjoon Kim
Ethan Choi
Chitra Uppalapati
Manu Kondapaneni
Christian Garber Athens and Sparta Spartan life Spartans -Warriors very cruel and harsh
-Enemies include Persians and Athenians Government of Sparta -Sparta was an oligarchy.
-two kings inherited power equally
-Council of Elders real power Government of Athens -Modern Government = Athenian's Democracy.
-Gathered and debated issues.
-Every citizen part of government. Spartan Economy -relied on farming & war.
-discouraged trade, unlike Athens.
-power over helots and periokois
-helots=captured neighbors.
-periokois=free non-citizens
-did not have coins
-heavy iron bars as money Athenians -Athenians were very smart
-Became very rich from city-states
-Solon had created democracy.
-held city assembly to debate Athens Economy -based on trade
-Athens near sea, good harbor
-Bought/sold goods from Agora
-Agora = huge marketplace
-decorated flat coins Athenian life -women had less freedom
-women/slaves=not citizens
-7 years old, boys taught home
-boy = 18 years old military
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