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Silver Linings Playbook

No description

Maria Phillips

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook
& Portrayal of Mental Illness

Created By:
Stephanie DiIonno, Courtney Goodman, Lindsey Hatch, Alexis Isler & Maria Phillips

Pat Solitano Jr.
Brother (Jake)
Tiffany Maxwell
Client Intervention
Dr. Patel
Mother (Dolores Solitano)
Scholarly Article 1

Scholarly Article 2:

Questions & Comments
Triggers of Mania and Depression in Young Adults with Bipolar Disorder
Participants: ages 18-30, completed online survey and interviews
Identified common triggers unique to mania and depression

Falling in love
Recreational stimulant use
Creative project
Loud Music
Physical injury
General Stress
Decrease in activity
Both Mania and Depression
Routine changes, alcohol & chaotic situations
Sense of inspiration

Article 2: Connection to Pat Jr.

1. His wedding song "My Cherie Amour"

2. Finishing Ernest Hemingway
Pat was in Psychiatric Hospital for 8 months
Prescribed Lithium, Seroquel, Abilify
Some unethical practices
main character
was released from mental health facility after 8 month court-ordered stay
still in love with ex-wife Nikki
Not supportive or understanding

Boasts about his own achievements while putting his brother down
Starts out unsupportive but becomes supportive and understanding
Scene after diner (makes a public scene and nearly gets him in trouble with the police)
Dancing helps him refocus and decrease his obsession with Nikki
Supportive but not understanding

Discharges Pat AMA

encourages him to take his medication
Treats him normal
Introduces him to Tiffany
Refuses to contact Nikki for him

DSM-5 Diagnosis
Bipolar I Disorder
: periods of depression and mania
Symptoms of manic episodes that Pat experiences:
delusions and hallucinations
lack of regard for consequences
high amounts of energy
Symptoms of depression that Pat experiences:
Father (Pat Sr.)
Not Supportive or understanding
Undiagnosed OCD (Philadelphia Eagles)
Compulsions include people present, seating positions, holding items
Danny (Friend from hospital)
Attempts to be supportive but holds him back
Sneaks out twice and lies
Shows up unannounced and indulges his rantings
abuse of crystal meth and alcohol along with an anxiety disorder and ADD
Role of Support System
Encourage him to follow the doctors orders/ take his medication, help him refocus his goals, and help him stay out of trouble
Mental illness is common
Pat Jr., Pat Sr., Tiffany

Stigma surrounds mental illness
Student reporter
Former colleague

Biological and social factors contribute
Interaction of therapy, medication, and home life

Manic episodes:
Wedding song
Violent outbursts
Delusion (psychotic symptom of mania)

lack of depressive episodes
social skills

Self-Management Strategies Used by ‘High Functioning’ Individuals with Bipolar Disorder: From Research to Clinical Practice
Set out to determine what management strategies were most effective for patients with bipolar disorder.

The study consisted of two clinical measures, one self-measure and an interview.
Sleep, Diet and Excercise
Patients found that the better their sleep and exercise patterns were, the better they were able to manage their bipolar disorder.

In the movie, Pat is finally able to gain control over his disorder when he begins exercising for himself, by dancing with Tiffany, and not running unhealthily to try to win back his ex-wife.
Enacting a Plan
Patients found that when they had a plan of regularity, they were better able to manage their bipolar disorder.

Pat's therapist, Dr. Patel, tells him in their very first session that he needs to create a plan, a way to overcome his mania and depression. They do not set a plan right then, but as the movie progresses we see Pat work develop a plan for positivity. He is constantly pushing away negativity in his life and that is when we see him develop and manage his disorder.
story follows Pat Solitano as he deals with relationships and mental illness
altercation with ex-wife Nikki led to institutionalization and divorce
Pat is still obsessed with getting back together with Nikki
Pat meets Tiffany, who is also mentally ill
they fall in love at the end
Clip from Silver Linings Playbook
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