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Econ Ch 6

Econ prezi for Chapter 6

Iain Loch

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Econ Ch 6

Turn to Section 2 (page 75)
Section 3 - Special Savings plans and goals
Chapter 6:
Saving & Investing

Fill out the hand
outs (on the computer) in groups.
Section 1 - Why Save?
Saving -
Setting aside income to be used later
What does this
result in?
The whole economy benifits
This depends on
you save
Savings accounts
Passbook Savings Account
Statement Savings Account
High Interest Rate,
immediate access through checks.
Minimum balance,
only a set number of checks per month
Time Deposits
Savings plan that require you to
leave the money in the bank for
certain periods of time
Maturity - Length of time before money can be withdrawn

Certificate of Deposit - States maturity, amount and interest of deposit
What is insurance?
Pension Plan
Individual Retirement
Diversification -
Spreading investments over
types of accounts to lower risk
Finish all Matching and Multiple choice on worksheet and hand in.

Also short Answer to be emailed to

Next week we will be uploading lesson 1 & 2 to moodle!

Where to invest?
Do you think everyone agrees how the economy should be run?
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