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Disney World - PBL

No description

Meredith Sneed

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Disney World - PBL

PBL - SWRMS - Lisa Cagle, Chris Pierce, Karen Rouse and Meredith Sneed DISNEY WORLD....HERE WE COME! SCENARIO ONE: SCENARIO 2: You have asked for the umpteenth million time, “Can we go to Disney World?” Your mom comes home from work one day and finally gives in and says, “Fine, if you want to go, you’ll have to plan out the vacation for our family. You must figure out how this family is going to make it to Disney World. Think about how much money I make! Money doesn’t grow on trees! So go ahead; prove to me that this family can afford to go to Disney World. The only way I will consider it is if you plan and present a logical way for me to start packing my bags!” 3-4 FACTS NEED TO KNOWS; After months of begging, your mom has decided that you, mom, dad, your brother and sister can go to Disney World for five days during the month of April if you can design a plan that works. She has rattled her brain over this and has finally asked for three options. Since you have collected a plethora of information about Disney World, she trusts that you can put together three logical options for her to consider. 3-4 fACTS NEED TO KNOWS:
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