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Ruth M. Buck School

Overview of Processes, Activities

Terri Baldwin

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Ruth M. Buck School

Ruth M. Buck School Structural Innovation Philosophy Assessment and Instruction Framework Context School Governance Structure Literacy Teams Numeracy Team Educational Equity Team We believe that student achievement is rooted in best practice by teachers and gauged by regular comparative assessment. Participation in the process is not optional. It is critical to the growth and development of all students.
As new staff transfer to Ruth M. Buck School, they will receive in-service and direct support to carry out the individual assessments and use the information from individual students to adjust teaching strategies to support students’ growth areas and areas of strength. Buck has implemented a Value-Added Assessment Framework that includes Reading Comprehension Assessment, Math Problem-Solving Assessment and Writing Assessment. Staff work to score collectively and to plan collaboratively, engaging in the Teacher Moderation Process.
Our aim is to focus on best practice as we support students’ learning. “[Our] focus must be on improving classroom instruction and adopting processes that will create a more precise, validated, data-driven expert activity that can respond to the learning needs of individual students” (Michael Fullan, 2008, p. 81, The Six Secrets of Change). The Student Achievement Pyramid illustrates the integral relationship between specific curricula, varied assessments and high impact instruction.

Ruth M. Buck School recognizes that solid programming is based on a defined curriculum that is regularly assessed with assessments driving instructional practice.

Buck’s Staff has worked in a focused manner over the last three years to develop an Assessment Framework that is based upon key literacy and Numeracy areas. We have moved to a Value-Added environment with most assessments being appropriate for all Kindergarten to Gr. 8 students.
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