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Symbolic Interaction Theory

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Julia Grandison

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Symbolic Interaction Theory

All-seeing-eye Symbolic Interaction
Theory (aka social construct or interpretave theory) George H. Mead Key Theorist Vs. Dove Quick rundown of dove symbolism:
Love Grace
Promise Devotion
Divinity Holiness
Sacrifice Maternal
Ascension Purification
Messenger Hopefulness. A universal symbol representing spiritual sight, inner vision, higher knowledge insight into occult mysteries.Look at the $1 bill. The eye in the triangle of the pyramid:Masonic symbol for the all seeing eye of god- an mystical distortion of the omniscient (all knowing) biblical God. The triangle is associated with the number three. Pointing upwards , it symbolizes fire, male power. The pyramid often represents the pointing down it symbolizes water, female sexually, goddess religon. C. Lyons, D. Gale, B. Johnson,
J. Grandison, R. Williams The Symbolic Interaction Theory Through interactions and symbols, we socially
form meaning of our world through them.
The meanings that we form from symbols help us decide how to behave and can differ based on the culture. Key Points Background
Info Symbols are the basic element of all cultures.
"Humanness" comes from the impact we have on each other through shared understandings of symbols.
We learn the meaning of symbols through interactions or observations with others.
We determine how to act based on the meaning of symbols.
Individuals shape cultures---Culture influences individuals. February 27, 1863-April 21, 1961
Harvard Graduate
American Philosopher, Sociologist, and Psychologist
Influenced by Herbert Bluemer and Jurgen Habemas Peace Sign Illuminati Heart <3 Obscene Gestures Across the World "Symbols vary between cultures" The "V" sign began as a symbol of satanic benediction during rituals.
The sign has been infamously misused by Yasser Arafat (Alegedly currupt ex leader of several Palestinian paramilitary groups), Righard Nixon (Former US president and responsible for many prejudice actions towards minorities of all kinds) and Winston Churchill (an early mason and military figure that may have helped to reformed the meaning of this sign by using it to represent victory during WW2)
The symbol V is the Roman sign for the number 5,
A variation of the peace symbol is called the broken cross or witch's foot was used as a sign of the "broken Jew and the anti-christ What do you think of when you see... This is name given to several groups both real and fictitious. It always refers to various organizations claiming or purported to have different links to the original Bavarian illuminati or similar secret societies, and often alleged to conspire control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporation to establish new world order and gain further political power and influence. This is an Englightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life. The heart is most commonly associated with love and affection in western countries. In other countries like Sweden it means toilets and defecation. In christianity it stands for hope and charity. In the United States flashing your middle finger is an insult but in some parts of the world it means nothing. To us the palm back V gesture is a peace sign but to people in England you're saying "Up yours!". Giving someone a thumbs up in today means O.K but in Ancient Rome it meant that someone was to be slain. In places like Iran, Afghanistan, and Nigeria a thumbs up is an insult it's basically like giving someone the middle finger. Displaying an open palm in Greece and some parts of Africa is like telling someone to "Eat Feces" In ancient society it is said the heart was actually shaped liked today's. Some theories say it is derived from a seed used in Ancient Egypt as a contraceptive, it was even used on their coins. Peace Sign (hand symbol) "These meanings are handled in, and modified through, an interpretative process used by the person in dealing with the things he/she encounters." -Herbert Blumer (1969) Like most symbols the variations of the peace sign have had the power to unify or segregate.
Hippies would hold up two fingers to represent what was most important to them, sex and drugs. They also shifted the meaning of the V sign to mean peace specifically in protest of war.
Asians began to heavily use this peace sign in imitation of what they saw in pictures of Americans.
The sign even varies between American ethnic groups. Caucasian people tend to use this sign with the arm extended and palm facing outward while African- Americans tend to hold the arm at an angle and keep the palm facing inward. Doves often cease their foraging for food just before their babies are born. This temporary starvation insures a pure formulation of milk. (Another confirmation about maternal attributes as well as self-sacrifice) Ancient Symbolism In ancient Greek myth it was a bird of Athena which represented the renewal of life. In the Bible it was a dove released from the Ark by Noah which returned with an olive branch to show that the Biblical flood was over. Ever since, the dove has symbolized deliverance and God's forgiveness. Cemetery Symbolism Doves appear on the tombs of many cultures for various reasons. On christian tombs, the dove bearing the olive branch stands for the triumphal obtainment of Christ's peace through martyrdom or virtue.

The dove is painted over the heads or perched on the shoulders of those believed to be inspired in their prayers or writings by the Holy Spirit. Ceremonial Symbolism Love that lasts a lifetime.....
Throughout the world, the dove is known as a symbol of peace and love. This bird is noted as such, as a pair of doves will become devoted to one another and create a connection that can only be broken by death.

An example of this strong connection can be seen in the fact that two doves in love will develop specific songs to communicate only with each other, whether they are together in the same enclosure or only within hearing distance of one another. The Swastika History:
Ancient Indian Indus Valley Civilization
Jainism Meaning:
A sacred symbol for good
good luck charm
being with higher self Negation of the Swastika This symbol was adopted by the Nazi Party of Germany in 1920.
Represented the Aryan Race
fascism and white supremacy LEARN THE DIFFERENCE Who is this?? Nike Origin: Greek Methology
Greek goddess meaning victory, strength, and speed
Known for rewarding victors with fame and glory after a battle Nike This multi-billion dollar industry was named after the goddess Nike. Wearing these shoes are said to be constantly awarded with fame and glory.
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