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Caleb McNeil

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of Colorado

The Perfect Destination

Where is it?
Colorado Is in central United States of America on the edge of the Rocky Mountains .
This is one of the largest tourist attractions there is it brings millions of tourists each year. Making millions of dollars in for the state.
Other activities
-White water rafting
White Water Rafting
This is most popular in late spring to early fall before the weather gets to cold. There are many different leaves of difficulties for all ages.
It has a very moderate climate. Average temperature about 50F. Average low is 36F high 65F.
You can get climbing lessons from a professional guide or if you know how to climb there are many places you can climb yourself.
There are many scenic hiking paths of all difficulties and lengths for all ages.
Its almost entirely covered in mountains and highlands.
About 60'' of snow fall per year
The snow provides the industry of skiing
Fishing is also a popular reason for visiting Colorado both fly and regular fishing in rivers and streams and also lakes.
Where can you stay
Ski Park basically a tinny town you can live in for Skiing or a normal hotel you could even rent a house
Winter Park Resort
Ski in Ski out cabin
What are the people like
The people in Colorado love to be outside and enjoy pets especially dogs
Life expectancy is 80.0 years
There is an indian population and they are very prominent they have shops and will dress traditionally. They are proud of there heritage and embrace there position.
The End
This is why Colorado is the best destination . They have a beautiful climate and a wonderful mentality about the outdoors.
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