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The Catbird Seat

No description

J Nguyen

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The Catbird Seat

by James Thurber The Catbird Seat Irony Plot Themes Conflict Between Men & Women Mood Style Limited omniscient
Chronological order
Symbolism Themes:
Conflict Between Men & Women:
Mrs. Barrows speaks in phrases that Mr. Martin doesn't understand
Mr. Martin's assistant, Joey Hart, explains that the phrases are Baseball expressions but Mr. Martin doesn't care and "dismisses it"
The title of the story is The Catbird Seat and the story first introduces Mr. Martin and you would think he is the one sitting in the catbird seat
Mrs. Barrows is sitting in the catbird seat in the beginning of the story, has a high position in F&S and has a lot of power over others
Mr. Martin later sits in the catbird seat after he executes his plan of rubbing out Mrs. Barrows
He "sits pretty" as Mrs. Barrows is yelling at Mr. Fitweiler, exclaiming Mr. Martin is lying
Mr. Martin has worked at the company for 22 years
When he buys cigarettes, the clerk doesn't glance or says anything Any Questions? Tommy, Kathy, Zakiya, Junisa the catbird seat & sitting pretty/ being at an advantage
the cigarettes & how mr.martin wants to rub out mrs. barrows
files represent order Characters Mr. Martin
Likes order & routine - efficient
Doesn't smoke/ drink
Ideal/ model worker
Employee at F&S for 22 years
Thinks Mr. Fitweiler is easily taken advantage of * Guilible
Doesn't approve of Mrs. Barrows
Mr. Fitweiler
Easily swayed
Let Mrs. Barrows into the company without knowing anything about her
Thinks Mr. Martin is a reliable/efficient worker
Mrs. Barrows
Easily offended
Met Mr. Fitweiler at a party
Mr. Fitweiler thinks very highly of her, isn't qualified for her job
Deceiving, is ruining the company
Says multiple baseball calls/ phrases Mr. Martin doesn't understand
Doesn't have as much experience as Mr. Martin (2 vs 22 years) Plot
martin buys cigarettes even though he doesn't smoke
mrs. barrows gets hired at the company
mr martin thinks shes incompetent/ inadequate for her job
barrows bothers by saying tedious phrases to martin
when coworker attemps to explain why, he doesnt care what it means
within a week of mrs barrows joining the company, mr. martin is fed up
barrow harrasses him about all the papers/files he has
(martin is head of filing department)
martin shows up at mrs barrows house, says things that are out of character for him
mrs barrows reports mr martin to mr fitweiler
fitweiler doesn't believe barrows
barrows is fired
martins plan of rubbing out mrs. barrows is completed Person vs. Person
Rising action
Falling Action Conflict Mr. Martin, head of the filing department at F & S, is confronted by Mrs. Barrows, who recently got the job of 'special advisor' after meeting the firm's president, Mr. Fitweiler, at a party. Mr. Martin decides to get rid of Mrs. Barrows, and does so by showing up at her home and acting outlandish. When Mrs. Barrows reports this to Mr. Fitweiler, he sides with Mr. Martin, thinking Mrs. Barrows had suffered a severe mental breakdown. Loneliness
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