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Space Rangers

No description

Carolina Hernandez

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Space Rangers

Space Rangers
Sight Seeing
Description: Fly over mars and observe mars from a jet and get a sneak peak of where the next few activities will take place. For example, the many smiling faces of mars
Hiking Olympus
Description: Ever been hiking? How about hiking the largest extinct volcano in the solar system! Students will be hiking two miles of the 17 mile high volcano.
Dust surfing
Geology exploration
Crater Cafe
A little about us.....
Founders: Carolina. Olivia, Oscar, Marty, Howard, Jal, Sandra

Discover the Valles Marineris (the valley)
Description: Students will go into Valles Marineris and search for a good resting point to star gaze at night and to get enough rest to bungee jump the next day.
What to wear
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