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"One Way Or Another" is a fanfiction on Wattpad by dumblebear_oaky. http://www.wattpad.com/story/4295510-one-way-or-another

Livy Tayne

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of ONE DIRECTION.

ONE DIRECTION Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles A British-Irish band that consists of 5 cheeky boys. Age: 21
Birthday: December 24, 1991
He is funny, loveable, and gorgeous. He's full of sass and could always brighten up anyone's day! Age: 19
Birthday: February 1, 1994
Harry is a complete cupcake! He's sexy and protective over people that he loves. Liam Payne Age: 19
Birthday: August 29, 1993
Liam is definitely not naughty! He is caring and sweet. Don't forget, he's damn sexy! Zayn Malik Age: 20
Birthday: January 12, 1994
Zayn loves sleep. He has a lot of meaningful tattoos, and is mysterious and intelligent. He's also a Bradford bad boy. Niall Horan Age: 19
Birthday: September 13, 1993
Niall is CUTE! Everyone feels protective towards him. He's adorable, sweet, and LOVES food. Ivy Age: 21-22
She is the manager of One Direction. She is being pursued by Liam. Minnie Age: 20
She is the band's best friend. From Doncaster, she knew Louis. She has a HUGE crush on Niall. SHHH! DON'T TELL ANYONE! Tiffany Age: 18
She is the younger sister of Ivy. She is also Harry's girlfriend. Vivian Age: 18
Best friends with Tiffany. Winnie Age: 25
The evil devious antagonist. She loves Benjiman Wong. Benjiman Age: 27
He is partners in crime with Winnie. -Christina She is the boys' stylist and is a Zayn girl. -Hillary She is the boys' hairstylist. CHARACTERS IN OUR LOVELY STORY Interests: Balloons Interests: Cartoons/Animation Food Music Interests: Kawaii Food Rilakkuma Interests: Domo K-POP Mustache Studio Ghibli Candy Destruction of 1D Candy Interests: KEVIN. MINORS -Elaine She is one of the most important security guards of 1D. -JP He is the other security guard of 1D. One Way Or Another: a One Direction Fanfic You should read this. No kidding.
-dumblebear_oaky Interests: Link is in the description box below!! Read and share!
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