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Biology: Evolution of Wolves

No description

Kelly Kositzke

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Biology: Evolution of Wolves

Evolution Miacoidea
The first ancestor of the wolf is an animal that lived 33-62 million years ago.

Physical Characteristics: Miacoids were mostly small carnivores, they had a smaller skull compared to the modern day wolf. They were also less developed than the modern wolf. The were about the size of a ferret.

Diet: Scientists think that their diet probably included: lizards, birds and smaller mammals. Insects were also included.

Habitat: Many scientists think that the Miacoidea's origniated from North America then moved over to Asia and South America. Modern Wolf:

Diet: They are carnivores. Deer, Elk, Rabbit, Caribou are all in their diet.

Habitat: They can live pretty much anywhere that is not highly tropical.

Physical Appearance: They resemble large dogs. Not quite as big as their ancestor, the Dire Wolf or Tomarctus but still, quite large. Tomarctus:

Physical Appearance: They were believed to be short-faced, heavy-jawed, and often massive in size. They came from the group Cynarctoides. They later evolved over time into heyna like animals who had a changed diet of fruit. Although huge, they were not quite as big their brother, the Dire Wolf.

Habitat: The plains of North America. It lived about 15 million years ago.

Diet: Meat. Dire Wolf:

Physical Characteristics: Heavier, large teeth and a broad head.

Habitat: The Dire Wolf co-existed with the Grey Wolf for 400,000 years. As the Dire Wolf's prey became extinct due to climatic changes the Dire wolf population itself, began to decrease to extinction. The Grey wolf however, thrived to become the prime canine predator. Lived about 2,000-10,000 years ago.

Diet: Meat. Wolf Kelly Kositzke Evolution of Wolves Miacoidea Tomarctus Dire Wolf 1 2 3 Timeline of the Evolution of Wolves 33-62 million years ago 15 Million Years ago 2012 Modern Wolf 2,000-10,000 years ago Dire Wolf Tomarctus Miacoidea Scientists believed that Wolves originated from North America then migrated to Asia and down to South America
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