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Comparing 4 games...

Scout Link

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of AO Q4

Bibliography http://battlewiki.battleblocktheater.com/index.php/Main_Page http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Don%27t_Starve_Game_Wiki Introduction HI THERE. My name is CJ Weidner and this is my presentation about a MYSTICAL MAGICAL thing. In case you haven't noticed... all the important text is colored, which is a reference to video games. IMPORTANT TEXTUAL STUFF, HO!!!! Now, I shall introduce you to my special guests! NOW JUST LET ME GET MY KINDLE SO I CAN READ THE TRANSCRIPT FOR THIS PREZI. The first guest WILSON AO, meet Wilson. I might tell him to meet you guys, of course, if he were alive and standing right next to me. HE STILL TALKS AND CAN HEAR YOU. DON'T BE MEAN. God, am I overusing this IMPORTANT TEXT COLOR, or what? MY SECOND GUEST THE PLAYER There is not much to say about this guy, except for the fact that he is in trouble. Somehow. Yeah... in case you haven't noticed, I'm stalling. Yup. Stalling. Ok this is boring. The third guest Hatty Hattington DONT STARVE NO TIME TO EXPLAIN BATTLEBLOCK THEATER PRESS PLAY HERE TO START EPIC MUSIC "NO! NO NO!" "I AM YOU FROM THE FUTURE. THERE IS NO TIME TO EXPLAIN" "I WILL CONQUER IT ALL WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND!!!" This is Hatty Hattington, owner of {PAY ATTENTION TO THESE BRACKETS AS THEY WILL MEAN SOMETHING} and the Hat on his head, which was a kind and very generous gift given to him by the security at {THE BRACKETS AGAIN}. I really hope you remember these {}. MUSIC: HERO'S PASS, BORDERLANDS 2 OST MUSIC: {SPOILER DONT LOOK}, BORDERLANDS 2 SOUNDTRACK THE FINAL GUEST. "QUICK" WORDS OF "WISDOM" HI. It is okay to shout out references if you notice them. It is also okay to laugh. Just don't hurt yourself, please. I don't wanna pay your medical bill. Also, flash photography (and normal photography) and video is creepy, please don't be a stalker. I don't want pictures of me hanging up on your ceiling. Finally, if there is anything that may seem offensive, please don't complain, eh? Nobody likes a crybaby. JUST KIDDING The fourth guest technically you That's right, kids. The final guest is you, if you play video games: specifically the top secret one that I just completely spoiled. WHATEVER! Let's move on... THE GAMES The four video games I will be reviewing today are...: DON'T STARVE by Klei entertainment NO TIME TO EXPLAIN by tinybuildgames TOWNS by the behemoth TOWNS Towns is a game where you are looking down in third person at your little pilgrim slaves... i mean uh... villagers and you make them survive by making them get food, killing stuff, blah blah blah. Mrs.Grandell (for logging me into YouTube ) BattleBlock Theater I'm just going to let the narrator do the talking for this one Notice how they were always smiling NO TIME TO EXPLAIN No Time to explain... well, I'll give you my steam review... No Time To Explain is a game. You jump in through your wall and YOU have no clue what is going on. Then you say "I am you from the future. There is no time to explain! Follow me to- OH CHRIST!" then you get grabbed by a giant crab monster and YOU have to save you and eventually, YOU even have to save you from you. Shall I explain that again? DON'T STARVE WATCH AND LEARN, KIDDOS! Google Chrome (so I can play don't starve) (even though I play it on Steam) http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/package/dontstarve.html COMPARISON TIME DON'T STARVE NO TIME TO EXPLAIN TOWNS BATTLBLOCK THEATER -Third person Diag. -Infinite gameplay -Adventure Mode -Different characters that do different things -Platformer(2D) -Adventure only -3 story characters -Custom -Infinite gameplay -No characters -Platformer -Many characters that do nothing -Normal and Insane modes -Level Creator I LEAVE YOU WITH ONE SONG FROM BBT (battleblock theater) JUST KIDDING... ONE LAST VIDEO... MUSIC ALL DA WAY! credits Benjamin Skillman for introducing me to BBT Kevin Macleod for Cow.Mov umm... yeah thats it AND FINALLY THANKS TO YOU FOR BEING FORCED TO WATCH { } BATTLEBLOCK THEATER BAI - BAI!
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