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LILAC 2017

Bounding around the library: a playful approach to library inductions

Aldrich Library

on 9 April 2017

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Transcript of LILAC 2017

Create your own bound!!
In this session we will:
Play the LILAC Actionbound game!!
Planning and intended outcomes

Check you have the Actionbound app downloaded to your device.
Join a team - groups of 5 max
Give your team a name and enter this
Enter at least 2 team member names
PLAY! You have 10 minutes to complete the challenge

How the use of Actionbound evolved at the UoB from April 2016-present
Different sites, different Schools and different subjects.
Monday, April 10, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Actionbound - what is it...
Our experience and feedback
Here's what we think....

Here's what students think......

What do
LILAC 2017
Introduce you to Actionbound and the UoB experience

Play the LILAC Actionbound game!

Discuss how we planned our Actionbound based Information Literacy sessions and the intended
learning outcomes

Help you to create your own bound!

Tell you about our experiences and feedback from students

Discuss your first impressions, potential future use and alternative tools

Interactive scavenger hunt app designed for use on mobile devices

Can be used to create activity based games

Allows users to take photos, create videos, complete challenges

We've used it for....Inductions!
Working in the same teams, use a PC, go to: https://en.actionbound.com
You have registered for your personal account - log in!
Click on New Bound - name it and your URL
Create a game - add a
, a
, a
Scan Code
and an
Information Screen
What are your first impressions?

Potential future use?

Alternative tools?
Feedback from students:
Excerpt from feedback comments received (in answer to “Why were you satisfied with this session?”)
Excerpt from feedback comments (in answer to question “How will you use what you learned?”)
...and what have we used it for?
To show students how to use the physical space and resources
To introduce key electronic resources
To make the library a familiar learning space
To encourage active, not passive, learning.
Intended outcomes...
Thank you!
Julie Charles - j.c.charles@brighton.ac.uk
Kim Donovan - k.donovan2@brighton.ac.uk
Information Services
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