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Ancient Egypt

This is about the Ancient Egypt Civilizations.

Hnin Oo

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Civilizations
Ancient Egypt
In this Prezi, we will be telling you all about irrigation, slavery, scribes, farmers, the everyday people, and famous people. We hope you enjoy this prezi.
People use this by watering their crops and they some become something you can eat. Irrigation comes from renewable sources such as local precipitation, rivers, lakes, and renewable groundwater. Some of the irrigation come from nonrenewable groundwater sources.
In Ancient Egypt, there are three different groups of slaves. The three groups of slaves are household, military, and farming. The people in Egypt could be born into slavery, if their parents are slaves. One thing that was different about slavery in ancient Egypt was that the slaves could keep their civil right and were freed often.
It was actually pretty hard living in ancient Egypt. The children who did go to school hoped to one day they would become rich and powerful. Ancient Egyptians put a lot of work into their artwork and produced many high quality products. Sand mixed with the flour and gave the bread a gritty taste.
The People (The everyday people)
A Scribe is an ancient Jewish record-keeper.One of the group of scholars of Jewish law and tradition, active from the 5th century B.C. to the 1st century A.D, who edits of rewrites the Bible.
The Famous Ancient Egyptians
The rich peasants were the ones who did the farming in ancient Egypt. The farmers were paid with food, clothes, and shelter. In ancient Egypt, there were two seasons that affected the farming. The two seasons are growing season and harvesting season. There was also flooding season which was in June.
Montuemhat Ranefer
Amenemhet Tetisheri
Tutankhamun Narmer
Senwosret Ramesses
Amenhotep Menkaure
Nefertiti Pepi
Tiye Ranefer
Tetisheri Seti
The youngest pharaoh or
famous egyptian is Tutankhamun.


Sources about Ancient Egypt:

By: Hnin, Arica, & Alexis
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