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GV/WI Requirements and Change Management Process

No description

Bhaskar Patalapati

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of GV/WI Requirements and Change Management Process

GV/WI Path Forward- Steering Process
-Purpose: Compliant and more efficient
-Definition of the GV compliance process
Contracts and Licenses
Procurement Rules
Quality management
BDSG conformity, privacy Law
Technical concept, development rules

-Configuration management database (CMDB) + JIRA
Central repository
Integrated architecture
Project Status
-Requirements phase
-One more final review to come with UNITY
-Project present in JIRA
-Define clear gates and checks
-Define Gatekeepers
-JIRA control process workflow
-Procuring CMDB + POC
-Atlassian front-end
-JIRA (Used for the whole department)
-Servers, physical, virtual
-Applications servers, web servers, runtime environments
-Deployment units

IT & Supporting Systems
-Project team has worked with UNITY to define "to-be" process

-Present outside Hajo's office
Process Status
Next Steps
Time efficiency: Minor issues currently discussed case-by-case
Minimize minor disruptions
Easy interaction with other departments (GS)
Documentation Concept (Sharepoint, Confluence, Subversion)
Role of Procurement (GV<-> GR cooperation)
ONE harmonized process conceived with request & acceptance as the endpoint
Perpetual operation (Loop)
-Specifiy supporting infrastrucure
Requirements, POC
Vendor selection
SmartTrack interface
IPMS interface
IS Database interface
BPMF project tool interface
eBC database interface
Sharepoint integration
Atlassian JIRA integration
Atlassian Confluence integration
BASF LDAP interface
Import of Licences + Contracts
Import of security data
Import of commercial data
Enterprise Architect interface
-Setup Infrastructure
-Implement process
Fragen sie bitte!
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