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Finish Thank you and last slide

Tanya K

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Hawaii

Products Manufactured:
bread, candy, juice, soft drinks, newspaper, refined petrolium, stone, clay, glass, clothing, and other printed materials
The Aloha State
Abbreviation: HI
State Symbols
The people in Hawaii are called an Islander, Hawaiian, Malihini, or a Hawaiian Resident.
Natural resources:
climate, soil, vegetation, groundwater, and the ocean
Major Cities and Points of Interest
National and Historical Sites:
Places to See/ Annual Events
This is the Hawaiian State Flag
State Gem: Black Coral
3,030 feet above sea level
Major Rivers:
Wailuku River
(the Big Island)
Anahulu River
Major Mountain Ranges:
Mauma Kea, Mauna Loa, and Haleakala
Geography- the West Region
Agriculture/ Farming, and Products Manufactured
Tourist Attractions
Whole Island
Art Galleries
Hiking Places
Historic Sites
Horseback Riding
Hula Dancers
Live Music
Natural Wonders
Paniolo (cowboys)
Honolulu Marathon in December
Hawaii International Film Festival in October
Oahu's Prince Lot Hula Competition in July
Eo e Emalani I Alakai Festival (Kauai) in October
Molakai's Festivals of Aloha in October
Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (Big Island) in November
Famous Figures from Hawaii
5. Bethany Hamilton:
famous surfer who lost her left arm to a 15 foot shark when she was 13.
Haleakala National Park, Maui
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island
Pearl Harbor National Historic Landmark, Oahu
Kalaupapa National Historic Park, Molokai
Waimea Canyon State Park, Kauai
Puunohua o Honaunau National Historic Park, Big Island
Agriculture/ Farming:
beef cattle, dairy, eggs, hogs, sugarcane, pineapples, flowers, coffee, macadamia nuts, avacado, papayas, bananas, guava, tomatoes, veggies, beans, lettuce, potatoes, and taro
2. Bruno Mars:
R&B singer with his second hit album, Unorthodox Jukebox. Real name Peter Gene Hernandez.
3. Nicole Scherzinger:
member of the Pussycat Dolls, a group of dancers and singers.
1. Barack Obama:
America's 44th President.
4. Ryan Higa, A.K.A Nigahiga:
Has 11 million suscribers and 1.7 billion viewers on Youtube.
Major Exports:
coffee, macadamia nuts, pineapples, and sugar
Major Imports:
everything besides meat and dairy
Landforms that make up the state
: Mauna Loa, Kilauea,and the Muana Kea Volcanoes- some people consider the whole island to be a major landform.
Salt Lake
General Climate:
Summer (called Kau) is May- October. Usually 80*- 90* F. Winter (called Hooilo) is November- April. Usually 75*- 85* F and in the nights 10* F or less. Rains usually November- March.
State Flower: Yellow Hibiscus
State Bird: Nene- Hawaiian Goose
State Tree: Kukui- Candle-Nut Tree- Story: The Polynesians brought the Kukui tree to the island. This tree became the state tree in 1959 .
State Fish: Humuhumukunukunuapua'a- Reef Triggerfish- means "fish that come out of the water and sound like a pig."
This is Hawaii's map
Hawaii became the 51st state on
August 21, 1959.
Hawaii was the first state to legalize abortion!
Hawaii has 12 letters; 5 vowels and 7 constanants-
a, e, i, o, u, h, k, l, m, n, p, and w
Weird Facts!
Hawaii has it's own time (two hours behind us) and does
follow daytime savings.
Interesting Facts
Island flowers and colors are used to represent each island.
Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee beans!
' (okina) is also considered a letter
Hawaii is the worldwide leader in harvesting macadamia nuts and orchids
Interesting Facts
Hawaiians consider sharks (mano) a god and treat them with respect!
Waialeale, Kauai is the rainiest place on Earth- average rainfall is 476 inches per year!
Because of its continuous volcanic eruptions, Hawaii is the only state in the nation to have an increasing land area.
This is a video on the Hawaiian language
Niihau -
Pupu Shell - White
Kauai -
Mokihana (Green Berry) - Purple
Oahu -
Ilima -Yellow
Maui -
Lokelani (Pink Cottage Rose) - Pink
Molokai -
White Kukui Blossom - Green
Lanai -
Kaunaoa (Yellow and Orange Air Plant) - Orange
Kahoolawe -
Hinahina (Beach Heliotrope) - Grey
Big Island of Hawaii -
Lehua Ohia - Red
Hawaii is the only state that is not geographically located in North America; it is completely surrounded by water; does not have a straight line in its state boundary.
Around 150 islands
State marine mammal: The endangered humpback whale- Hawaii designated this symbol in 1979
Thank You for Watching!!!
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