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Jumano Native Americans

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 25 March 2017

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Transcript of Jumano Native Americans

Jumano Tribe
They wore garments made from animals including moccasins. Women wore skirts, short sleeve tunics, and aprons. Men wore pants and caps. Both men and women wore cloaks to protect their body.
Medicine & Health
They were physically strong. Some suffered from disease. They had healing rituals & ceremonies.They also mixed herbs,roots,and other plants to make medicine.
Tools & Weapons
Region of Texas
Fun Fact: Jumano Tribe were actually known as the Pueblos.
The Jumanos lived in El Paso, which was in the Mountains & Basins region.
The Jumanos were farmers & hunters. They killed and ate Buffalo. The Jumanos farmed corn, beans, and squash.
They had very little weapons.They used long sharp pointed sticks when they plant crops. They use a bow & arrow for hunting.They also carried shields made from buffalo.
The Jumanos performed ritual dances know as catzinas. They used Kivas as chambers for religious rites.
They lived in Pueblos stick houses,tee-pees,and big houses built large baked mud-bricks.
I hope you enjoyed learning about the Jumano Tribe.
I hope you enjoy learning about the Jumano Tribe.
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