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The Breadwinner

No description

Allegra M.

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Breadwinner

By Deborah Ellis The Breadwinner Direct Description Thoughts and Feelings Direct Descriptions The Breadwinner By Deborah Ellis Characters Words Characters Reactions Mrs. Weera was already striding away on those strong, phys-ed teacher legs of hers. Pg. 313 "I know you!" Mrs. Weera exclaimed in her loud booming voice. Pg. 320 Mrs. Weera had been a physical education teacher and a field hockey coach before the Taliban closed all the schools for girls and made the female teachers leave their jobs. Pg. 320 In the first description, the author describes Mrs. Weera to have strong, phys-ed teacher legs which implies that she is or was a phys-ed teacher. The second direct description shows that Mrs. Weera is not a quiet person and that she has a very loud voice. The third description tells that Mrs. Weera used to be a physical education teacher and field hockey coach. Mrs. Weera "That's no way to keep up team spirit," Mrs. Weera said. "Nooria why don't you get the little ones washed for dinner. Use cold water. We'll let this first batch of boiled water be for drinking." Pg. 61 Those words show that Mrs. Weera is not afraid to take charge. They also show that she believes that every one needs to pitch in and they should be happy doing it. "Speak up, girl! Don't stand there with your mouth open as though you were a fish in the market! Speak up!" Pg. 57 This implies that Mrs. Weera is very direct when she speaks and she likes a direct answer. "Mrs. Weera I need to talk to you."
"Another one of our secret girls' schools have been discovered by the Taliban," Mrs. Weera was saying to her assistant. "We must see what we can - "
"Mrs. Weera!"
But Mrs Weera ignored Shauzia.
Pg. 313 These words show that Mrs. Weera likes to focus on one thing a time and has not time for Shauzia's nonsense. "You left Kabul without a thought to how your family would survive without you."
"They didn't like me!" Shauzia yelled. "They were always shouting, and they were going to marry me off to some old man I didn't even know just to get some money. I meant nothing to them!"
"You don't abandon your team just because the game isn't going your way," Mrs. Weera replied.
Pg. 321/322 This demonstrates that Mrs. Weera is all about sticking together as a team. "That's just it," Mrs. Weera said Gently. "Their father isn't here. These are unusual times. They call for ordinary people to do unusual things, just to get by." Pg. 106 That displays Mrs. Weeras softer side. It proves her courage and willingness to do whatever it takes to survive. "And stop squeezing that bread! It's not going to suddenly jump out of your arms!" Pg. 58 That quote portrays Mrs. Weeras more demanding side. It shows that she has to have things a certain way. When they were almost at the top step, Parvanna turned to Mrs. Weera. "About mother. She's not been well."
"Then it's a good thing I'm stopping by to take care of her!" Pg. 58 This tells us that Mrs. Weera is persistent and likes to find the best of every situation. "Is that Parvanna?"
Parvanna tried to get away but the woman had a firm grip on her arm. Pg. 57 (The woman is Mrs. Weera) This also demonstrates Mrs. Weera's persistent characteristic and that she is confident. THE END
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