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An Dong Restaurant

Feasibility Analysis

Vivi Nguyen

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of An Dong Restaurant

Challenges & Opportunities
An Dong Restaurant

Product/Service & Market Feasibility
Bringing Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine to Salt Lake City
Other Environmental Factors
Liquor Laws: Proximity Restrictions
Risk Analysis
Competitive Feasibility
Highly Competitive Market where a unique approach is needed to be successful.
Operational/Organizational Feasibility
Financial Feasibility
Target Market
The Cosmopolitan
--> Open to cultural diversity
Already established Vietnamese restaurants
The Asian Population
--> Bun Bo Hue
--> Steady Clientele
Identify the Problem
A sought after cuisine that is not well-known
"Peace amongst the Population"
Restaurant Network
Classic Restaurant Setting
Waiters, Hostess, Chefs
SquareUp Payment Method

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Madeline Nguyen
Ian Bergman
Nimesh Chaudhari
Andrew Lloyd
Put together by:
Through the eyes of...
Providing an environment for people to enjoy a nice evening & gain knowledge about the Vietnamese culture.
Focus on...

many Asian Restaurants lack -->
Promotion will be key
Many areas still open for business
Offering a Unique, Homemade, Vietnamese Cuisine
A taste of Vietnam with the quality and taste of home
Limited differentiation among established Vietnamese restaurants
Maintain a steady clientele while still attracting a new, interested crowd
Harmony in the work place
Increase Revenue
Feasibility Analysis
Asian Community
1,500 sq. ft.
$28 per sq. ft.
Road side construction
Mentors in the Industry
Family Contribution
Inadequate Capital
Demanding Workload
Value Chain
Restaurant Operations
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Nicholas, Swire, DABC
Restaurant Preparations
Restaurant Operations
Returning Customers
Authentic Cuisine
Social Media
Local Events
Vietnamese Community
Direct Mailers
Feed Writers/Bloggers
Local Media
Approach Local Businesses
"The city of the kings."
"Peace amongst the population"
An Dong:
Location: Hue, Vietnam
Break-Even Point Analysis
BEP= Monthly Fixed Costs/(unit price-variable cost per unit)

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