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A Hero's Journey

Examples From The Hobbit.

Carl Feibusch

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey

Normal Life Brings up thought of adventure Meets adventure leader A Hero's Journey By: Carl Feibusch and Gautam Maybhate Starting the adventure Training tests Even more training tests Final Battle Reward Journey back Start End Back to normal life Bilbo lives in his hobbit-hole
peacefully and undisturbed. Gandalf comes to Bilbo's door asking if he wants to go on an adventure . Gandalf comes for tea with the dwarves and introduces Thorin. Bilbo wakes up and goes out to the dwarves and starts the adventure. Fights trolls and goblins. Fights wargs and spiders. Thanks for watching! Bard shot the black arrow at Smaug (Bilbo angered Smaug
and made him attack Lake-Town). Smaug's treasures. We are going to let you read each part to yourself so you can hear the music. Bilbo journeys back with Gandalf after the battle against the Goblins and Wargs. Bilbo is back to normal life after the long adventure.
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