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Chapter 17-Hairstyling

No description

Heather Davila

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 17-Hairstyling

Hairstyling Chapter 17 Hannah Heather Hector Lesli Shantel Kaylee When you place a roller directly at its base, you get what? Full Volume What does a diffuser do? causes the air to flow more softly To achieve the least amount of volume do you sit the roller....
A. On Base
B. Behind the ridge
C. Off Base
D. Off the tray C. Off Base Where do you ALWAYS
begin a pin curl? Open End What is Ribboning? When you force the hair
between the thumb and the back
of the comb to create tension Name the two types
of pressing combs. Electric and regular What does a Cascade curl
also known as standup
curl do? Produces height What allows the mobility
of a curl? Stem Name the four parts
of a thermal iron. Rod Shell Rod Handle Shell Handle What is a "S"
Pattern in hair? Finger Wave Backbrushing A.K.A... Ruffing What are carved curls? Pin curls without lifting What are the other
two names for a
half moon? Arc and "C" Shaped What type of base is recommended for along the hairline to prevent breaks or splits? Triangle Which hair texture is greater in diameter? Coarse Pin curls are made
up of 3 principal parts
what are they? base,stem,and the circle the stationary foundation of the curl where the roller is closest to the scalp is called what what do you use to check the temperature on a heated comb with? a curl that creates strong wave patterns is? Skip waves Pressing a iron twicew on each side of the hair is known as what? Double Press Base Tissue Paper What are handles of pressing combs made of? Wood This ends the review Presentation GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE!! double press
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