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Pervious Concrete: "Density is our Destiny"

Case Studies of Utilizing Fresh Density to Predict "in place" void content

Jereme Montgomery

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Pervious Concrete: "Density is our Destiny"

PERVIOUS CONCRETE First the Basics... 15%-25% Void Content Single Size Aggregate much like conventional, except High infiltration But Wait! We have
some concerns... 1. 2. 3. Freeze / Thaw? Strength? Clogging? The Nebraska Experience! Now get ready for... NO! Yes! With Pervious Concrete,
it is water of NECESSITY...
rather than convenience. Whats the big deal with DENSITY? Design Density Theoretical Air Free Density ASTM 1688
Density Hardened
Density Hydrological Structural You be the Judge "FRESH" WHAT THE... ASTM C1754 CALCULATED AIR VOIDS, % DENSITY, PCF "FRESH" DENSITY DESIGN DENSITY 20% How about one more...? Target Density Target Density +/- 5 pcf Metropolitan Community
College Results Average hardened voids = 16.7% Average fresh density = 133 pcf Average Infiltration = 750 in/hr UNL Parking Garage X Sarpy County Sheriff Southeast Precinct Police Dept.
Omaha, NE Design UW = 125 pcf
1688 UW = 129 pcf (17.5%)
Hardened voids = 26%
Hardened UW = 115 pcf Lab Results 1688 UW = 130 pcf
optimum w/c = 0.35 "Fresh" 1688 UW 21 cores
21 infiltration tests Test Results Mock Up Results Avg. 16.9% Avg 129.7 pcf avg. 118 pcf avg 21.7% avg. 448 in/hr avg. 21.7% ? Mock Up 41%
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