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Texas & the Civil War

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Allstars 2014-2015

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Texas & the Civil War





maddie stevens


caroline davis

plantations in texas
texas plantations were usually located near rivers that ran into the gulf of mexico, including the colorado, brazos, and trinity rivers.
life under slavery
in 1836 there were 5,000 slaves in texas.
in auctions or public sales, slaves were sold to buyers
these auctions often tore families apart, as slaves were bought by different owners
abraham lincoln
Abaraham lincoln won the presidential election of 1860.
many southerners believed that lincon was a threat to their way of life.
slaves were used as house servants, doing cooking, cleaning, and would sew
people in towns would sometimes own slaves
most of the slaves lived on large farms, or plantations, in the eastern part of the state
this is a plantation
civil war
slaves working
civil war
abraham lincoln was the president during this time frame
the civil war was one the most bloody war in american history
thousand of men died in this war
slaves at work
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