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The Great Debate

Searching with keywords v. subject headings

Erin Kerby

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Great Debate

The Great Debate Keywords v. Subject Headings Developed by Erin Kerby What are keywords? What are subject headings? One last tip Advantages of keywords Advantages of subject headings Words or phrases pulled from the title or abstract of an article Can be used at any time
Search for most recent records, even those w/out headings assigned
Search for newer concepts not yet in headings A controlled vocabulary of terms used to describe articles in a database
ex) MeSH in PubMed Most databases use a subject heading system
No need to guess at synonyms
Easily search for narrower or related subjects Keywords and subject headings can be mixed in the same search
to better focus the search
to be more comprehensive Which should I use? Keywords? Subject headings? To be an effective searcher, you should know how to use both. video coming soon!
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