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Marie Curie @ cool girl marie 123-567

No description

paris mayo

on 28 June 2016

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Transcript of Marie Curie @ cool girl marie 123-567

Work /Eduction
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Hi! My name is Marie Sklodowska Curie, you may know me as the best women scienteset and phesist in the world. I was born November 7,1867 in Warsaw Poland, although I was born many years ago... I am still hip with this new teconlgy # Marie Curie _ cool girl ; ) # married to Pierre I died July, 4 ,1934
I worked as
# Physist
I went to collage at the Universty of Paris
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# So nice, im like crying right now:}
Back In The Old Days
Lives In
I lived in many places in my life time 4 to be exact . Warsaw Berlin Vienna Prague all near poland
# travel
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Marie Curie @ cool girl marie 123-567
I discovered polium and radium, that is one of the many ways I am famous now and have 5k followers . I loved doing projects, I inspired many women to try and discover new things and be out of the ordinary.
Marie Curie
This is my old house. In 1911 I won a nobel Prize this time for chemistry.I was actully the first women to win a Nobel prize .

About me
'' Have no fear of prefection you'll never reach it "
'' Nothing in life is to be feared it is only to be understood''
'' Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas''
About me
Husband: Pierre Curie
Daugther :Irene Curie
Daugther :Eve Curie
Mother: Bronislawa Sklowska
Farther:Wldysaw Sklodwska
Intersting Facts
# paris
My dicovery of radium help people every day espiccally with x-rays.
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