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Final Project--Gift Game Strategy Economy

No description

Jacob Riley

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Final Project--Gift Game Strategy Economy

“We’re here protesting Bank of America’s funding of mountaintop removal coal mining, specifically Massey Energy, one of our big criminals in the mountaintop-removal arena,” said Reagan Richmond, a spokesperson for the Southeast Convergence for Climate Action, which organized the demonstration. “What they’re doing in Appalachia is extremely devastating to the environment and the economy of this area.” Protester: "We're not gonna harm the machine" Miner: "Where are you from"

Protester: "Asheville" "if things have a greater tendency to disappear and collapse, perhaps the principle source of future energy will be accident and catastrophe
--Jean Baudrillard Blackwater Massey Coal Company October 11, 2000 November 30, 2000 "The proposed spin-off will separate Fluor into two publicly traded companies:
•A "new" Fluor, which will continue to conduct all of Fluor's existing business except the coal business and related operations of A.T. Massey Coal.
•Massey Energy Company, which will continue to conduct the coal business and related operations of A.T. Massey Coal.

--Fluor Coporate News Report Cleaning the Coal/Cleaning le Nom September 2007, 17 unarmed Iraqi Civilians killed by Blackwater "The company's name -- Blackwater -- was inspired by the dark, brackish water on the land, near the Great Dismal Swamp" February, 2009: Cleaning the Name A spokesperson for the company stated that it feels the Blackwater name is too closely associated with the company's work in the occupation of Iraq February 2009, Founder
of Blackwater accused of Murder
"According to the two former employees, Prince either murdered or facilitated the murder of people cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company's actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. In one statement, John Doe 2, who worked for Blackwater for four years, says that Prince "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe." Xenon there is no meaning to the new name, which is pronounced "zee." "It was just a choice of a name," she said. "We thought of it internally." --Xe employee "A colorless, heavy, odorless noble gas. Xenon-135 is produced as a result of nuclear fission and acts as a neutron absorber in nuclear reactors." April 16, 2011: Xenon Radiation
Tracked from Japan to the U.S. "They name God [. . .] As if it was necessary to both save the name and to save everything except the name" "It was an act of God"
--Massey Energy, referring to the
Martin County Sludge Spill --Jacques Derrida, Sauf le Nom But will the machine harm us? Miner: Where are you From?

Protester: Asheville Cleaning the Name "Water is removed from tailings to recycle water. Filters, centrifuges
and thickeners are used in this part of the process. The
which is produced as a by-product is typically placed in a coal slurry
impoundment." blackwater
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