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Over the counter/Prescription drugs

No description

Tracy Tran

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Over the counter/Prescription drugs

Possible Legal Consequences
Over the counter- medicine you can get in stores or in pharmacies
Prescription drugs- a type of medicine or drug prescribed by your doctor
A company can make the drugs and it does need to go through FDA approval because it has to be checked for what ingredients are used and what is labeled or active
Ways to Avoid Topic
Teens think when their parents are paying attention, they are less interested in using drugs
Teens who have this issue should make good friends who pay attention to them and spend time with them
What a Teen can do if they are already Involved in the Topic?
By: Tracy, Gabrielle, Jacqueline, & Francisco
6th Period PACE

Over the Counter/Prescription Drugs
Important Terms to Understand the Topic
2 Examples of Risky Choice
Affects or Risks
Why do Teens Engage in the Topic?
Healthy/Alternative Choices
Can cause you to be unconscious
If driving on the road, it can harm you and others on the road
Create huge back pain
Racing/resting inner heartbeat
Other health problems
Can get you stuck in an ER for weeks
It can mess with your brain and body
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Red Ribbon Week- Helps others think about the good choices. Promote yourself to stay healthy and make good choices.
Get only the medicine your doctor prescribes
Eat nutritious foods
Read labels of all medicines (look at after affects and what it can do to you, look at drugs listed)
Drugs Tests
They can take a drug test
The drug test will determine if you have drugs in your body. And by those results, the testers can prevent you from doing anymore drugs
After drug tests, drug treatment professionals are to aid those people, they will help you
Teens who use these drugs usually gets them from friends or relatives
Clark Kavin says, "Teens are increasingly turning to prescriptive drugs because they want to feel something in this second."
Clark Kavin also said, "Teens are under the impression that pills are the best way to treat any mental, physical, or social issue."
Jail time
Suspension from school
Drugs have to go through FDA approval, if drug has not gone through FDA approval, drug is illegal and company makers are sued or charged a fine
Over the counter- medicines or drugs you can buy
They are used for pains, itches, and prevents or cures diseases
Teens know most about prescription drugs because of advertisement and makes them more interested (they get addicted after trying)
There is the belief of how less risk is associated with using prescription drugs and OTC medicine even though they can be just as dangerous as any other injection drugs if used inappropriately
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