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A Television Drama - Jane Rule

Yohann Lewis and Michael Peiris || Muscat ||ENG3U1-03 || Nov.25/2013.

Yohann Lewis

on 14 January 2019

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Transcript of A Television Drama - Jane Rule

A Television Drama - Jane Rule
She is the protagonist and married to Pete
She is dynamic and round
She is very innocent and naive at the start of the story but near the end of the story she becomes less trusting and more anxious
Question 1
How would being in a life or death situation change you?
Plot Graph
Carolee is going through her daily chores
Out of curiosity, Carolee peers outside her window and is startled by the number of police cars and policemen with dogs on her street.
Carolee couldn't fathom what was happening. To distract herself, she continues nonchalantly with her chores.
Suddenly, while cleaning, she notices a young man drenched in blood in her garden. She now faces a dilemma of whether or not to call the police.
As soon as she decides the latter, he staggers to the parking strip and then collapses to the ground
Through the radio she discovers that the young man robbed a bank, shot a police officer and ran a car into a tree.
After her husband, Pete comes home she explains the events that occurred earlier. They turn on the television and the young man is seen and the reporter summarizes the incident in less than 30 seconds. After the report there is more news about unfair wages and a war.

Carolee begins to doubt herself and the events that just took place. She feels a pang of anxiety and now feels different about the world.
Violence in the Media
Carolee is going through her daily chores
He is Carolee’s husband and is a static, flat character.
When he comes home from work Carolee tells him everything but witnessing the bloody man.
He is more aware and matured compared to Carolee.

Theme: The Media's Impact on Society

In the story violence is a major factor which causes Carolee to undergo a change.

After watching the news Carolee realizes that the world is so full of problems and far from perfect.
When Carolee saw the injured young man she decided to help him even though she knew he had committed a crime. Was Carolee’s decision correct, why or why not and what would you have done?
“But he raised his head slightly then, and Carolee saw the blood on his jacket and trousers. “I must call the police,” she said aloud, but how could she call the police when they were already there, three of them standing not seventy feet away, just below the trees on the parking strip? She must call someone, but all the neighbours were still out of doors. And what if the police did discover him? He might be shot instead of helped. Carolee wanted to help him” (Rule, Viewpoints 11 p.152)
The story takes place in the near present.
It is set in a small neighbourhood where a criminal has been apprehended who has shot a police officer, robbed a bank and crashed a car.
The setting influences the plot because the neighbourhood, like Carolee has never witnessed or had a connection to any major crime.
Question 2
Why does the mass media constantly feature violence as their top stories?
Question 3
The media
Character Versus Self -
In the story Carolee faces a choice about whether she should help a bloodied man.
Character Versus Environment:
Carolee realizes that violence, crime, and poverty are absolutely real through the media. So, near the end of the story she becomes more aware and anxious about the world around her.
Theme: Impacts of Violence on Society
“Something has got to be done about all this violence.” (Rule, Viewpoints 11 p.151)

“Now a labour union boss was talking, explaining the unfair practices of the compensation board. Nearly as one, young marines were running, firing, falling. Planes were dropping bombs. Carolee wasn’t there, but it seemed real to her, terribly real” (Rule, Viewpoints 11 p.152)

Why did Carolee think nothing dangerous or controversial could ever happen in her neighbourhood?
Question 4
“Clear the street. All householders return to or stay in your houses. Clear the street.”Mrs. Rolston considered the idea for a moment but did not go in. The others paid no attention at all.” (Rule, Viewpoints 11 p.148)
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