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Texas Angels

No description

Tori Townsend

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Texas Angels

Texas Angels
Fall Recruitment 2015
Who are we?
Spirit group/service org/sisterhood
Heavenly mixture of class, brains and HOOK EM
Newest Spirit group on campus; founded Fall of 2014
Our 'Officials'
Motto: "Horns Up, Wings Out!"
Colors: Teal, Pink and White
Flower: White Rose
Gem: Pearl
Symbols: The Angel, Wings, Halo
Executive Board
President: Laura Fragoso
Vice President: Nicole Rich
Secretary: Tori Townsend
Treasurer: Katie Goss
Philanthropy Directors: Natalie Arriaga & Lesly Diaz
Social Chairs: Alex Bureau & Allison Knox
Event Coordinators: Kelley Doll & Candace Edgley
Sisterhood Chair: Jessica Jones
Social Media Directors: Julia Bernstein
Code of Conduct Enforcers: Bernadette Escobedo & Ashley Hause
Scholastic & Hour Chairs: Samantha Kasper & Harmony Smith
Historian: Melinda Taylor
Merchandise Officer: Teresa Shoemaker
Class Officer: Ellie Bazil
The Four S's
Spirit: 10 hours
Social: 10 hours
Service: 10 hours
Scholastic: 1 Hour Per Week
Athletics: Games, Tailgates, Watch parties, etc.
Fine Arts: Theater productions, Dance Recitals, Concerts, etc.
Campus Events: Screenings, Guest Speakers, etc.
Sisterhood Events/Date Nights
Pledge Day/Initiation
The Miracle Foundation
Service Mixers
Misc. Charities/Fundraisers
Scarves for Smiles
GPA Requirement
Monthly Study Parties
Smaller Study Groups
From Halo To Angel
10 Hours Social, Spirit, Service
1 Study Hour/Week (12 Total)
Fundraising Class Project

Payment Plans Available:
3 Payments of $100
2 Payments of $150

Dues go toward:
Angels Merchandise
Sisterhood Retreat
Parent's Weekend
Pledge Day/Initiation
What Makes Us Different
Brand new traditions
Support athletics AND fine arts
No year cap
No minimum GPA requirement
Room to grow in the organization
Important Dates
Info Sessions: 09/08, 09/10, 09/14
Recruitment Tailgate: 09/12
Application Deadline: 09/15
Profit Share: 09/15
Interviews: 09/17, 09/18
Acceptance Calls: 09/20
How To Join Texas Angels
Attend 1 Info Session
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