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Double Dutch Project

No description

Olivia Cooper

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Double Dutch Project

Double Dutch Project

By: Olivia Cooper

Summary of Double Dutch
Double Dutch is a book about Delia,Randy,Yolanda, Tabu and Titan Tolliver, and this book takes place in Ohio. All of these characters have serious problems that you find out about later in the book, and some are more serious than others. Friendships are tested and natural disasters occur. Somehow, all these characters are still tied together by Double Dutch.
Who is Delia?
Delia is an 8Th grader who lives in Ohio with her best friends and her crush, Randy. She is in Ms. Benson's class and is intimated by the Tolliver twins just like everybody else. She plays Double Dutch on Bomani's team, and while dealing with everything else, she has one BIG problem: Delia has dyslexia.
Delia's Dyslexia
Who is Randy?
Randy is another eight grader in Ms. Benson's class, but doesn't seem too intimidated when Delia is around. He is also the person that makes sure everything is ready for the Double Dutch jumpers. He lives with his dad and his cat . But the thing is: Randy hasn't seen his dad in weeks.
Delia's "work".
Who is Yolanda?
Yolanda is another eight grader in Ms.Benson's class who can't tell the truth for anything. She is very pretty and always has a story to tell. She lives with her parents. The thing is: she has a broken home and lies only to make reality seem better.
Who are the Tolliver twins?
The Tolliver twins are two boys that are very intimidating and they are also in Ms. Benson's classroom. They wear all black and live with their mother. During the tornado that happens during school, they run out of the classroom and you learn a dark secret bout the boy's father: he died during a tornado.
How is everyone tied into Double Dutch?
Everyone is tied into Double Dutch - some more than others-Delia and Yolanda are Double Dutch jumpers. Randy is the water boy. The Tolliver Twins watch Double Dutch and that is how they are all connected. It seems as though every one of them are regular with regular problems.
How did Delia deal with dyslexia?
Delia dealt with dyslexia by making tiny notes even she didn't understand. She learned to remember everything the teacher said instead of writing things that she said down. She was smart in her own way.
What exactly was Randy's problem?
Randy's problem was that he hadn't seen his father in weeks. His father was a truck driver and went on drive to California and his father hadn't come back. As a solution, he ended up selling his father's VCR and he received $300 for it.
What have we learned from the book?
We have learned that if you have a problem, you shouldn't hesitate to tell somebody about it. Also, you never know what someone goes through. You should always know about a situation.
Sharon M. Draper
Sharon M. Draper is the author of Double Dutch. Sharon Draper was born on August 21, 1952. She has written about 2 trilogies, 4 books for tweens, 5 other remarkable books, has a nation best seller, "
Out of My Mind"
, and even has published her newest book, "

Double Dutch performance
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