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What if you sailed on the Titanic in 1912? This Prezi gives you a look inside the glamorus things and not so glamorus things.

Jillian Yuskis

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Titanic

If You Sailed on the Titanic
by Jillian Yuskis

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail on the Titanic?

To be a first class passenger? A second class passenger? A third class passenger?

Well all your answers are right here!!!

Before Setting Sail
Before the Titanic could set sail, passengers needed to purchase tickets.

Here's a fun fact... All tickets cost the same amount of money. A first class ticket cost as much as a third class ticket. You were sorted into your cabins (rooms) by how much money you had. So if you were one of the wealthier people of that time, you would have a first class cabin, but if you were not as wealthy, you got a second or third class cabin.
First Class
First class passengers experienced the most luxury on the ship. Some of the features found in first class cabins were 2 bedrooms, 2 wardrobe rooms, and a private bathroom. They also got the advantage of having a private deck!!! Passengers in second and third class had to leave their cabins to use the bathroom.

Lots of famous people traveled on the Titanic including professional athletes, bankers, businessmen, politicians, and military personnel. Some first class passengers also brought a nurse (for the children or for themselves), a maid, a valet, a cook, and a chauffeur.

First class passengers also had many luxuries outside of their cabins as well. These included a reading and writing room, a lounge, a smoking room, a dining room and restaurant, a gym, and a reception room. All of this was private! So now that you know a little about the accommodations in first class, let's sail on over to see those in second class.
Second Class
Every Titanic passenger experienced the sinking tragedy in a different way. First class passengers were immediately brought to the safety of the lifeboats while third class passengers were not so lucky. Even while the boat was sinking, third class passengers were not allowed in first class hallways or any first class rooms! I think if they let them through and at least got them to the highest deck, more people could have been saved. Another thing that could have saved more people was the number of lifeboats and how many people were allowed in one lifeboat. There where only 20 lifeboats on the massive ship and those lifeboats could accommodate a maximum of 1,178 people BUT there were 2,223 on board. Another problem was that the lifeboats were only loaded to half of their maximum capacity before being lowered into the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean. 1,517 men, women and children died and only 706 survived when the Titanic sank on April 15, 1912.
Here are some photos from second class!
Third Class
Third Class Photos
The Crew
Crew Photos
Titanic Sinks
The Sinking of the
Titanic (Continued)
The first class
smoking room
The Legacy That
Still Lives On
The story of the Titanic has enamored many generations.
The Titanic was a fascinating ship. Many people have become so intrigued with it that it has inspired many museums and hotels. Some people even take the time every day to pray for the lost souls of the Titanic. Titanic was truly an amazing ship for its time!
Third class passengers
running to board Titanic
The first class dining room/saloon
Before we jump into second class, here are some photos from first class
One of the multiple bedrooms
you could find in a first class cabin
The first class grand
First Class passengers wore big and fancy hats like this one and very elegant clothes.
The First Class
Private Deck
Chauffeur - a person employed to drive a private or rented automobile

Valet - a man's personal male attendant, responsible for his clothes and appearance
I know the "Crew" sounds pretty boring but actually some of the work they did was pretty interesting and important. They worked long and hard in the boiler room. Their faces and clothes were always dirty and covered in soot.

The Captain, of course, was in charge of where the ship went and was responsible for all of the crew and passengers.
Second class was still nice but not as fancy as first class. Second class had a smoking room and dining room, just like first class.

Second class also had a library. I know you're thinking, "Why didn't first class have a library?" The second class library is equivalent to the reading and writing room for first class passengers.

Second class passengers would be like you and me today... normal families.
A second class cabin
The second class
dining room/saloon
The second class library
The second class
smoking room is
similar to the first
class smoking room,
only with different
wall designs and
A third class
cabin had two
sets of bunk
beds and a
sink...that was it.
The third class dining room/saloon
A third class
family. You
can tell they
are third class
because of their
clothes. They
are not as fancy
as first or even
second class.
A second
family. You
can tell by
their clothes.
They are not
as fancy as
first class but
a bit nicer than
third class.
The original
Titanic crew
Titanic crew working
in the boiler room.
The Captain's Controls
Even while the boat was
sinking, third class passengers
were not allowed to enter
first class areas.
A mother and her children running to safety while wearing their life jackets.
One of the
many Titanic
hotels around
the globe....
...as well as two
of the biggest Titanic museums.
Titanic was truly an amazing ship. It was a VERY big deal when it sank as everyone thought it to be unsinkable. People often reflect about how much of a tragedy it was because of how many lives were lost. Since it was an iceberg that caused the damaged ship to sink, new safeguards exist today to prevent another, similar tragedy.

I hope you enjoyed learning some things about the accommodations on the Titanic.
Third class passengers were not very wealthy. They did not have any kind of big luxuries on board. But several stories say that even though they were not very rich, they had the most fun on board. They danced without having to be classy and proper and instead just had lots of fun.

Since third class passengers were not very wealthy, they usually carried their belongings in big brown sacks like the one shown in the photo here. It would have been cool to be a first class passenger but I think I would have had the most fun as a third class passenger.
Wikipedia - RMS Titanic Lifeboats
google images
Extra, Extra, Read All About It! A Brand New Titanic Will Be Sailing Our Way In 2016!
A brand new replica of the Titanic (called RMS Titanic II) is set to be in service in 2016. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is creating a complete and exact replica of the Titanic. He is even keeping it as original as possible by not including t.v.'s and internet access, as it would have been on the original Titanic. People have been said to be willing to pay millions of dollars to be one of the passengers on the ship's maiden voyage (first sailing with passengers) and be very close to feeling what it was like when Titanic sailed in 1912. The ship is currently being built in China and will make its maiden voyage from England to the United States in 2016. If you have ever imagined what it would have been like to sail on the Titanic, now's your chance!
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