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Man with the Iron Fists

No description

Elizabeth Kong

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Man with the Iron Fists

Film Synopsis Background
& Context Set in the fictional town of "Jungle Village," pseudo-Qing Dynasty, the governor has tasked the Lion clan with the protection of his gold shipment through the village. When the head of the Lion clan is overthrown, a war erupts between rival clans.

Caught in the middle of this conflict is Thaddeus, a blacksmith tasked with providing weapons for both sides. Characters "Presented by" Quentin Tarantino
Written, directed, and starring RZA (of Wu-Tang Clan)
Filmed in 2010, shot in Shanghai and other location in China
Homage to kung-fu genre
Classic tropes and cheesy plots
Also an homage to gore genre
Well-choreographed but lack of refinement Conclusion Application of Chinese Kung Fu in this film Why does Kung Fu has been broadly chosen to be introduced in Hollywood films as representative Chinese element?
Dealing with merely action
Highly visualized
Violent aspect caters to general public's tastes

How does this film manipulate Chinese Kung Fu into consumable cultural prodcut?
Endowing the Kung Fu with Caucasian and black actors.
Exaggerating Kung Fu styles for stronger visual impact.
Highlighting the sexual contexts and violence to fit in the lowbrow culture.
modernizing the costumes and background music.
Simplifying (distorting) some specific existences of Kung Fu culture. A Fighter, a Genre, and Race Orientalism and Western Superiority Afro-Asian Cultural Exchange RZA's admiration for 70's kung-fu genre
Prashad reading: Bruce Lee bringing about the unifying concept of martial arts
Acceptance into a group
benefits community
builds respect and confidence
Allegorical scene in the film
“The five colors blind the eyes. Thus when we see through the veil of color of skin, then we see all men are the same and all life is precious.” Wuxia as the weakness of
The Man With the Iron Fists Detracts from the presence of a popular, dynamic striker
Creates a subtle, yet awkward racial divide Racial stereotyping, Orientalism implicit in The Man with the Iron Fists, a film made to emulate a Chinese genre of cinema. Exoticism as a means to separate cultures.
Asian women depicted as submissive, promiscuous, and deceptive.
Lack of morality.

Buddhist teachings espousing racial equality
Cold War Orientalism
Chinese authority emasculated. The West as the savior.
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