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Scotland project:

No description

Alexandra Bonet

on 23 February 2018

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Transcript of Scotland project:

Scotland project:
This Season Holidays you have read a book called Island
for Sale.
It is a book related to Scotland.
This 3rd Semestre we are going to watch a film related to the same country.
Let's get down to business and learn a bit more about this country.

1.- Facts: Important information about this Country.
Check the following web page:

2.- Myths and Legends.
From the following next page choose 3 myths to include in your project.


3.- St Andrew:
Click in the following link and check for the info:

Who is St Andrew?
When is St Andrew's Day celebrated?
Which flag is representing Saint Andrew?
Put a picture of St Andrew's flag? How is it commonly known?
Who was St Andrew in history?
Which other countries share the very same Patron Saint with Scotland?
What does St Andrew's day mark?

4.- The castles:
Here you have a link with the most impressive Scottish castles.

Choose four and place them in a map of Scotland.

Edimburg caslte
Eilean Donan castle
7.- What do you have to do with all the info you have compilated? A Prezi, just like this one:

Remeber to add photos to make it astonishing.
In order to make a prezi you can click in the pages below:

Once you have created it upload it in your blog.
The title must be:
Project England: Scotland
The text in the post:
Here you have a prezi our group has prepared about Scotland. We have studied the country in relation to the film we are going to watch this following semester: Brave.
Then you add the link. The text to be seen is:
A prezi from Scotland.
Don't forget to put the names of the people in the group within the prezi
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