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Thermal Radiation


Carl Bater

on 27 April 2018

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Transcript of Thermal Radiation

TASK – Explain:

1) Why solar panels have a black surface

2) Why fridges/freezers are normally white

3) Why the coastguard would wrap you in foil after pulling you out of the sea

4) Why spacesuits are white, but the BOTTOM of the space shuttle is black

5) How tinfoil can be used to reduce your heating bill at home

6) Why the interior of cars are normally much warmer than the exterior

7) Why an Ice Age is likely to last a very long time

8) How wrapping a chicken in tinfoil “helps” it to cook

9) Why the radiators in your house are normally painted white
worst absorber
best reflector
best absorber
worst reflector
worst emitter
best emitter
Why do Bedouin tribesmen wear loose, light, white cotton robes?
So what would be the best type of clothing to wear in a desert?
Desert Clothing
Heat is emitted by hot objects in the form of INFRA RED RADIATION. Heat travels to Earth from the sun in the form of infra red waves. They travel through empty space at the speed of light.

There are no particles between the Sun and the Earth, so the heat cannot travel by conduction or by convection.
The Earth is warmed by heat energy from the Sun. How does this heat energy travel from the Sun to the Earth?
Watch and explain.
Shiny and light colours absorb little heat radiation, as they reflect it away. They also do not give much out when they are hot

Dark and black colours absorb lots of heat radiation. They also give out lots of heat radiation when they are hot.
How does heat energy travel through empty space?
Objects warmer than their surroundings will EMIT infra red.

Objects cooler than their surroundings will ABSORB infra red.
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