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My Finding Nemo Prezi!

No description

Doriona Colbert

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of My Finding Nemo Prezi!

"Finding Nemo"
Finding Nemo's Predator
The first predator i saw in the movie:"Finding Nemo",
Finding Nemo's prey is Dori and Marlin when Dori got hit in the head with the goggles and she started to bleed,so Bruce had smelled the blood and went koo-koo for fish but I thought he was on a diet for fish.........hmmmmmmm.
Finding Nemo's Mutualism
Finding Nemo's mutualism is Marlin and his home the Anemone(they both get benefited)
Finding Nemo's Commensalism
Finding Nemo's Commensalism is Marlin and Crush.Marlin gets a ride from Crush when he gets hurt from the jellyfishes,and Crush doesn't mind giving him a free ride.
I saw that at the beginning of the movie the baracoda (I don't know how to spell that)
that attacked Marlin(Nemo's dad) was a predator
I believe that the shark ate Coral (Nemo's mom)
Finding Nemo's Prey:
My Finding Nemo Observations
First i'll give you the definition of observation:Observation is when you use your five senses to gather info.
My observation is that I SEE Nemo swimming out towards the boat (a.k.a. the Butt). I also SEE the diver coming towards Nemo.I HEAR Nemo screaming for his daddy.
My Finding Nemo Inference
First i'll give you the definition of inference:Inference is drawing conclusions based off the five senses.
y inference is that
Nemo is going to get tooken by the diver.
A predator is a animal that hunts for smaller animals.
A prey is a animal that gets hunted.
Symbiotic Relationship
A symbiotic relationship is two or more species that harm or benefit each other.For my example is that like a bee and a flower that's one of a symbiotic relationship witch is mutualism.
The End And just keep swimming!
Done by a 11 year old girl in 6th grade.
Finding Nemo Parasitism
Finding Nemo's Parasitism is Squishy and Dori.Dori got stung by Squishy and Dori got hurt.
Mutualism is a relationship between two species that both get benefited.
Commensalism is a relationship between two species that one gets benefited but the other doesn't mind.
Parasitism is a relationship between two species that one species gets benefited while the other gets harmed.
witch comes back to the bee and flower.
The End
And just keep swimming!
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