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The mysterious

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The mysterious

The mysterious
One cold Saturday night,Amna,Samira,
Rhian,Simran were having a teriffic time
at their sleepover!
We were watching a depressing advertisment .
Sudennly Samira had an amazing idea to go on a
fabulous adventure to a dangrouse Jungle realy far away!
We all yelled that is a asonashing idea but , the girls had a
problem to solve...
I know rhian shouted we can go in my
dads helicopter!I have the keys in my pocket!
we were really excited now.
Early in the next morning,we cautiously sneaked to the
helicopter,Rhian turned the keys and the hungmongus blades
started to rotate!
After flying all day,all night,Amna took over being the pilot but
flew straight into the top of a tree!
We all got off the helicopter and clambered down the tree trunk.Lots of animals were gathering around!Suddenlly we
relised we were surronded but something was strange...
All the animals were talking...
We made friends with the magical animals
,espesialy the Toucan! Her name was Tilly.
All the animals helped us to fix our thrashed
helicopter so we could get home , back to normality
Tilly insisted on coming back with usin our new shiny,
helicopter which has been washed and cleaned in the monsoon
rain.We were really going to miss the junglebut at least we had a groovy new pet!We wondered if we would be introble when we
got home...
Who knows how long we`d been gone?
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