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The Mantello Rescue Mission

No description

Gandalf Cosby

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The Mantello Rescue Mission

The Mantello Rescue Mission
Works Cited
In 2005, a woman found a suitcase filled with Salvadoran citizenship papers.But, the papers were given to Jews during World War II by a man named George Mandel, also called Mantello by the Salvadorans who worked with him.
In 1942, George Mandel started making certificates for his friends, family, and other Jews in Europe.These papers saved many Jews from being deported to concentration and death camps across the continent.
The people who received the certificates sometimes went to neutral Switzerland,stayed in special camps for foreigners,or stayed in Hungary or wherever they lived.Some of the certificates even went to concentration camps to Jews and others in the camps.
When the German army invaded Hungary in 1944, the production of certificates accelerated .It's said that George Mantello made 5,000 citizenship papers for,sometimes, whole families.Because of his job with the government, George Mandel was able to save thousands of Jews and others from capture and death.
(A Forgotten Suitcase: The Mantello Rescue Mission.) https://ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/focus/mantello/Publicly Sponsored. n.d Web. November 12, 2013. <URL>
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After Hungary was invaded, Mandel went to Switzerland, along with the original certificates
Mandel took the originals because he gave the Jews fake copies, not the real certificates.
So, this is how the certificates ended up in Switzerland and the story of the Mantello Rescue Mission.
Thanks for Watching
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