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Welcome to land o' lakes

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liv liv

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to land o' lakes

Dupree Gardens
Dupree Gardens
J. William Dupree founded Dupree Gardens. which was a major tourist attraction during World War II. Dupree gardens had a lodge , a gift shop and a restaurant Dupree gardens was seriously affected by World War II. in 1994 the gift shop and the restaurant where closed. Now Dupree Gardens is a large community. Officials issued a band on private travel and the had Dupree Gardens put up a sign that said ''closed for the duration''. the Dupree Garden lodge still stands today and is the home of the current owner Fran Hendrix.
Sanders Memorial Elementary School
land o' lakes
Resettlement of the Land o Lakes area began in the 1880's with establishment of a stagecoach relay station between Brooksville and Tampa. Many small communities later developed in the area, most of the people lumber and turpentine the towns along the railroads. the community was named land o' lakes on September, 1950.
Then Now
Sanders School
The History of Land O' Lakes
Welcome to Land O

The History
Dupree Gardens was a private botanical garden, located 17 miles north of Tampa on US 41 in what is now Land O' Lakes, Florida, it was opened up to the public as a tourist attraction
The Address is: Eden Ln, Land O' Lakes, FL 34639

On August 16th 1948 the school board renamed this school James Wilton Sanders Memorial School.The school was built with a $50,000 bond issue.When the school first opened it had of 114 students in grades 1-5.In 1972 the school had 1,442 students the superintendent said it was the most crowded school in the district.The school closed at the end of the school year in 2010,the students that were orginally there transferred to Connerton Elementary School.In July 2014 the school board agreed on a $21 million dollar construction contract to rebuild the school.
Sanders Elementary school was built in 1948 and in 2010 it was knocked down to be updated and rebuilt to open again in 2017.
Land O Lakes Rec Center
Land O Lakes recreation center is located 3032 Collier Parkway
Land O' Lakes, FL 34639
(813) 929-1220
The recreation center is on 79.3 acres and has several different sports for many different ages. some of the sports are baseball, football, basketball, and tennis.
Here are some pictures of the land o lakes rec center
Here Are Home Things The Recreation Center Has...
79.3 Acres
Skate Park
Baseball/Softball Fields
Dog Park
Picnic Area/Shelter
Basketball Courts (Indoor & Outdoor)
Recreation Center
Football/Soccer Fields
Tennis Court
Volleyball (Indoor)
Fishing Pier/Dock
Swimming Pool
A Park

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