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This is my first prezi project. Hope you like it.

Reeda Awan

on 15 November 2012

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STOP PUPPY MILLS IN DURHAM REGION How Puppies In Puppy Mills Live How Puppies In Puppy Mills Live Have you ever wondered how puppies in puppy mills live, well here is your answer. Puppies who live in puppy mills are brutally treated. They are not given enough food, water, space, toys and companionship. They live in cages, barb wired cages and are unusually skinny. When you see dogs they are usually running all over the place, but if they have pains they wont be able to. This is how puppies in puppy mills live. It's Unfair to the Parents of the Puppies In the following paragraph you will find information on why it is unfair to the parents of the puppies. It's unfair to those parents because they are forced to have litters after litters and when they are physically not able to any more they are thrown to the curb to rot and die. The only reason they are treated like that is just for moneys sake. Also when the baby puppies are born they are forced to leave their mothers to early, leaving them vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. Thus these poor pups will grow up to have pain and discomforts. This is how its unfair to the parents of the puppy's in puppy mills. Puppy Mills Are Also Affecting You Did you know that puppy mills are also affecting you too. Amazingly enough, the puppies that are breed in puppy mills get into pet shops. What is so brutal about this is instead of buying puppies from shelters, store owners are going CHEAP and encouraging puppy mills by buying puppies from their. In the beginning when you get a puppy from a pet shop it will be all cute and cuddly. But when it grows older, because of all the brutal treatment it will affect them when they are How Dogs In Puppy Mills Live Unfair to the Parents of the Puppies Puppy Mills Are Also Affecting You Puppy's that are being bought by pet store owners. The poor living conditions puppy mill puppies have to endure. This is how a female dog is left after breeding. By: Reeda Awan This Is a Video On How You Can Help Puppies In Need The Top Ten Breeds Found In Puppy Mills Across the Durham Region - Fifth most used dog in puppy
mills across the Durham

- Very playful and has wrinkly
cheeks - The fourth most used dog in puppy mills

- Has a broad head

- Easy to Train - The second most used dog in puppy mills

- It's coat is usually white

- Very intelligent - The most commonly found breed in Durham Region
Puppy Mills

- Loves to be pampered

- Very lively Intro In this presentation you will learn the following:
- How puppies in puppy mills live
- How its unfair to the parents of
the puppies
- How it affects you
- What are the five most commonly
found breeds in Durham Region's
puppy mills
- How you can help abused puppies in
- How you can keep from buying puppy
mill puppies Conclusion - Puppies in puppy mills are brutally treated

- Not given enough water, food, toys or companionship

- They live in barb wired cages and are unusually skinny

- Since these puppies are brutally treated while they are young, in their
older years they will become weak in the bones and feel lots of pain

- These poor puppies are under so much pain they will not be able to enjoy
life to it's fullest

- They never feel the touch of grass or the warm sunlight

- Puppies in puppy mills lead a very underprivileged life - The parents of the puppies are subjected to inhumane conditions

- They are forced to have litter after litter

- Once they are not able to breed anymore they are literally thrown out to
die in garbage cans

- Only treated this way for peoples greed of money

- When puppies are born they are taken too early from their mother
making them very vulnerable to illnesses and diseases

- When the puppies grow older they will be under so much pain, it would be
better to put them down

- The only product created by puppy mills is MISERY - Believe it or not, the abuse of puppies is also affecting you

- Puppies raised in puppy mills are ending up in pet shops

- Pet shop owners are so cheap that instead of buying them from the
shelter, they are buying them from puppy mills

- Not only is this cheap, it is encouraging the growth of puppy mills, and we
don't need anymore of those in the Durham Region area

- The brutal part about this is that in shelters, puppies everyday are being
put down because they are not able to find enough homes for them

- Some puppies are inbreed, making their genes weak (easily affected by
diseases) which means more money on vaccines for the owners

- These dogs are the target of so much abuse and when they reach you
they will have lots pains and discomforts Bulldog Boxer - The third most used breed in Durham Region puppy mills

- Has a long and short body

- It is part of the hound family Dachshund Poodle Shih Tzu This is how dogs are left after they are unable to breed. How to Keep From Adopting Puppy Mill Dogs - Find responsible breeders and visit their breeding grounds

- Make sure it offers a loving and caring environment for dogs and puppies alike

- Truly good dog breeders would want to meet with the person buying the dog
first to make sure the dog is going to a good home

- Usually good dog breeders deny selling their puppies to pet shops and dealers

- Also you could make sure you're not buying dogs from pet shops
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http://www.examiner.com/article/abc-s-nightline-exposes-lancaster-county-puppy-mills-tonight Now that you have seen this presentation:

- People should care more about
puppy mills and what happens
to those puppies because it
doesn't only affect them, but us
too Bibliography
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