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Making meetings more effective

Jennie O'Hara

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Facilitation

Insight into different ways to run meetings
Learn about consensus
Become a more effective and confident facilitator
Ways to involve everyone in meetings
Creative solutions to issues
Task 1
1) Turn to the person next to you
and tell them about your day for
30 seconds. The listener is not
allowed to talk.
2) After 30 seconds the facilitator
will stop you and the listener
will have to repeat everything
the speaker said.
3) Switch positions and repeat.
Task 2
1) Someone stand in the middle, everyone stand in a circle.
2) Hold on to a piece of string.
3) Say something that makes it difficult to participate in meetings.
4) Throw the string to someone else.

5) Say something that makes it easier to participate in meetings.
6) Drop your piece of string.
Task 3
Practice meeting: Agree on a campaign to ensure Wednesday afternoons are free from lectures.
Facilitation Training
Making your meetings
more effective
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