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South East Asia


Destin Reed

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of South East Asia

South East Asia This is a traditional chavacano dance. Culture Muslim musicians Basketball was a sport they played. Entertainment Religion Religion Philippines Food A roasted pig, known as the Lechon.
Common celebrity dish. School They go to school at age 4
to kindergarten then around age seven
they can go to elementary then secondary
then high school. Government Republic Fashion Thailand Government Constitutional Democratic
monarchy. Food
A popular dish in
Thailand called
Tom Yum Gai. Fashion This is some of Thailand
stylish skirts. Culture
Entertainment music
A Western rock n roll band. Sports This is a type of boxing called "muay thai"
its a very popular sport in Thailand. Religion
Buddism School
Thailand has school from K-12. Currency
Government Communist State Food
Thit go kho gung Fashion
Currency School Thailands popular festivals Christian Vietnam
Religion Buddhism There school days are only 4 hours long and
they go to school 6 days a week Entertainment
Sports Music Soccer Currency Singapore Government Food Chilli crabs Religion Buddhism Entertainment Sports Music Fashion Soccer Currency
Schools Culture Indonesia
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