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Decrees Against the Jews

No description

jillian bauman

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Decrees Against the Jews

Decrees Against the Jews
Police and courts no longer protected Jews.
Germans were no longer allowed to buy from shops owned by Jews.
Jews were denied the right to hold public office or civil service positions.
Jews were denied unemployment.

1934 1935

Jews were banned from parks, restaurants, and swimming pools.
Jews were forbidden to use German greeting, "Heil Hitler."
Jews were no longer allowed electrical or optical equipment, bicycles, typewriters, or records.
Passports of Jews were restricted.
Jewish students were removed from German schools and universities.
Jews were forced to sell their property for less market value.
Jewish students who are still in school may no longer attend school events.
Special identity cards were issued to Jews.
Jews were excluded from cinema theaters, concerts, exhibitions, beaches, sidewalks, transportation, and holiday resorts.
Jews were forced to add names "Sarah" or "Isreal" to their own.
Jewish children were expelled from schools.
Jewish passports were stamped with a red letter "J", and some passports were completely removed to prevent them from leaving the country.
Jews practicing law or medicine was forbidden.
Jews were excluded from business and the economic life of Germany.
Jews were forced to pay discriminatory taxes and fines.
Jewish homes, bank accounts, and real estate were taken by the government.
Telephones of Jews were confiscated.
Jews in Berlin are only allowed to shop between 4 and 5 p.m.
Jews over 6 years old were forced to wear a yellow Star of David with the word "Jew" written on it.
Jews were forbidden to use public telephones.
Jews were forbidden to keep animals as pets.
Jews were forbidden to leave the country.
Jews has to hand over all fur and wool items.
Jews could no longer receive eggs or milk.
All schools were officially closed to Jewish children.
Jewish students were excluded from the study of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and law.
Jews were excluded from military service.
Jews were excluded from stock exchange and stock brokerage.
Nuremburg Laws denied Jews of many civil rights.
"The Protection of German Blood and German Honor" declared that Jews and Germans could not marry each other.
Jews lost their ability to vote.
Jews were evicted from their homes without reason or notice
Radios of Jews were confiscated.
Jewish curfew was established.
Jews were excluded from the practice of dentistry.
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