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Brain Gain???

How to improve your fitness and academic work at the same time!

danielle swarm

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of Brain Gain???

Brain Gains Part 1
•Web-site found at CBC News.
•This study took place in North American, Canada.
•The city was Sacsactoon and City Park School. My Thoughts
•Wow never would have thought exercise equipment would be in an actual classroom.
I think it’s a great idea, and hope the word gets out. Part 3
•PE teachers weren’t involved with this study, because it was based on how the
Students improve in the class room with at least 20 minutes of an aerobic workout. Also in a PE class students are lucky to get 20 minute of an aerobic workout.
•It befitted the students greatly. As exercise increased academic focus and learning increased. For example almost all students increased in a full grade level in English Arts. Main Benefits
•It benefited them in their lifestyle, moods, and academic work.
•Students were eating healthier, Going for walks at home, and actually sitting still in class.
•Yes, I have heard about exercising improving ones mood and lowering stress, but helping brain growth never. I believe it totally, I makes since and I was truly surprised while I was watching this.
How does this study relate to the New York Standards?
•Personal health and fitness- The study on aerobic exercise in classrooms goes hand in hand with standard 1. Because it improves ones basic motor skills and has designed fitness programs for the students.
•Safe and Healthy Environment- This study also relates to standard two. Students show responsible behavior during physical activity. While in physical activity they show that they enjoy it. Also students recognize safety hazards and react according to the safe path.
•Resource Management- In this study students show evidence that they would counts as standard 3 learning goals. Students were aware to opportunities outside of school to be physical active. Students were able to execute physical programs given to them. Also students wanted to get their families involved with working out. What is BDNF?
•It is a never factor that is released in the brain when exercise is taking place.
•This never factor increase brain cell growth.
How does this increase PE?
•Using this theory of teaching will increase a student’s physical fitness and learning.
•Students do an aerobic activity for about 20 minutes then continue with normal class. For example math, therefore it will increase ones physical activity because students have more time doing physical activities.
How do you get BDNF?
•Simply by aerobically working out. Run on the treadmill, ride the bike, or do the elliptical for 20 to 1 hour a day depending on age, and you will improve your BDNF count. http://www.pe4life.org/about-us/ Spark By John Ratey Brain Gym by
Paul E Dennison http://www.braingym.com/index.html http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/11/991110061936.htm
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