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Drama High: The fight

for english

Aunyail Black

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Drama High: The fight

Drama High : The Fight
By: L.Divine
Aunyail Black
The setting of my book took place in Compton, California. The main part of my book was held in South Bay High School.
The rest of my book took place in the neighborhood of the main character Jayd.
Splurged -verb- spend money freely or extravagantly- "It's times like this I'm glad I splurged in a cell phone."(3) Once everyone's parents gets their income checks everyone splurged on new clothes.
Vanity- noun- Excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements- "We dont have a full length mirror so I usually stand on top of Mama's bed and look at my outfit in her vanity mirror..." (25) Every morning I stare at myself with vanity before school.
Immaculate-adj-Perfectly clean, neat, or tidy.- "Mr.Gatlin is outside trimming his already immaculate lawn."(29) My grandma cleans her house everyday even though its already immaculate.
Reiterate-verb-Say something again or number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity-"I reiterate"(83)-When my sister had her earphones in I had to reiterate to tell her my mom wanted her.
Conflict : Internal
The internal struggle with the main character is she had no one left to depend on. Her boyfriend left her because she would not have sex with him."Are you serious, KJ? Because those other females gave you some a.. you think they love you more than I do?!"(6) Also the main character has to deal with no one at school really being her friend. The only person she has is Mama and Nellie."Mama, how come I always have so much drama around me when it comes to these girls?"(119) Jayd basically depends on her Mama for her problems.
Conflict : External
The main character Jayd has many external problems. One main conflict Jayd struggles with would be avoiding the drama at "Drama High"."Unfortunately, we all get dragged into a mess sometimes,..."(47) Also Jayd struggles to maintain as she is constantly is confronted by her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, Trecee. "Trecee says I'm strange and I'm trying to steal her man and make him strange too."(141) Jayd deals this situation by focusing on what's important and forgetting KJ.
The protagonist in this book is Jayd. Jayd is a young woman who is the center of drama. She changes during the book because in the beginning she would let everyone get to her. At the end she focuses on what's important and forgets the drama. Jayd changes because of the struggles presented.
The antagonist in this book is Trecee. Trecee is Jayd's ex-boyfriends new girlfriend. In the beginning Trecee thinks KJ loves her but he only wants sex from her. She realizes she was played and she changes because of the conflict.
The message of this book is to stay out of drama and good things will come. This relates to real life as well.
Memorable Quotes
"Oh well, we don't call this Drama High for nothing."(166) This quote stood out to me because I call Scitech Comedy High, and every school has its own second name.
"For no reason at all some girls will just hate on me, and all I really wanted was to be accepted."(53) This quote stood out to me because everyone wanted to be accepted whether they show it or not.
Memorable Quotes
"I don't give a d... if your daddy owns the diamond mine."(111) This quote stands out to me because I think everyone is equal no matter how rich or poor.
"Mickey's right, Jayd. Those broads are just hatin' on because you're pretty, smart, and you had KJ. Don't trip off them."(90) This quote stood out to me because I think it's important to have supporting friends when you're down.

This book is about a girl who moves to the ghetto her Freshmen year and her Sophomore year drama heads her way. Her boyfriend breaks up with her, she makes an enemy, and she loses her friend.
Making Connections
Text-to-self: "I used to watch him ball..."(50) I can relate because I watch people play basketball because I am not good.
Text-to-Text: "I don't give a d... if your daddy owns the diamond mine."(111) I can relate this to a movie I watched where the girl thought she was better than the other girl' because she had more money.
Text-to-World : Jayd, don't be like that. I can relate because KJ earlier in the book thinks he can control his girls.
I liked reading this book because, it is about kids my age so I am more interested in something my age other than old history books.
I recommend this book to kids who are in their teens. This book has what most teenagers are going through in high school so they would be interested.
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