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Jake and Lily - Book Report

My book report

Elysia D. Koury

on 29 December 2012

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Transcript of Jake and Lily - Book Report

Prezi by:Elysia
Koury Settings The main settings are Jake and Lily's house, the hide-
out[a tree shaped like an umbrella], and Poppy's house. Jake
and Lily's house is where the main characters { see slide 6}
live. They had a basement and a second level. At one point in the story the main characters slept in the same room. Poppy's house was a new house that didn't have much in there yet. Jake and Lily like to come to his house. The hide-out was a special place where Jake and his friends hung out. Genre: REALISTIC Fiction Characters The main characters are Jake and Lily. Jake is like a normal boy who likes to hang out with his friends. He and his twin sister, Lily have a special power that they liked to call their goombla. They could hear each other five miles away,etc,etc. Lily was attached to her twin brother and their goombla until she got a new life. Some secondary characters are Poppy, Nacho, Burke, Ernie, Sydney, Devon, and Bump Stubbins. Bump is a bully and Jake was friends with him until he wrecked Ernie's clubhouse. Burke and Nacho are all Jake's friends [though Ernie becomes Jake's friend later in the story]. Poppy is the twins' grandpa and is a very nice, helpful person. Sydney and her brother, Devon are great friends of Lily. Problem The problem for Lily is that she is too attached to her brother and her goombla. She gets mad at Jake because he joins a group called the Death Rays. She later learns she needs to find a new life but she has trouble with that ,too. Jake's problem is that Bump keeps trying to mess up Ernie's clubhouse. He eventually does but to keep them from fighting, Jake made a fake confession about the clubhouse. Then he feels really sad about it because
he saw how disappointing Ernie was when he made that fake confession. The Climax The Climax is when Lily tries to get a new life .
Poppy tries to help her get a new life by introducing
new things and tries to get her to hang out with her friends and forget her goombla. The Solution Jake makes friends with Ernie
and confesses that his confession about the clubhouse was fake and that Bump did it.

Lily gets a new life by making friends with a girl named Sydney and hangs out with her. The End The ending is when Jake and Lily get there goombla back and put this on the last few pages ... That we are sister approved......... Twins!!!!!!!!!!
p.s NOT that many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Favorite Part My favorite part was when Lily was helping Sydney build Devon Park. They were building the park for Devon because Devon wanted to play at McDonalds every day. So they made a park for Devon so they didn't have to go to McDonalds to play at a playground. Rating I give this book a 9 out of 10 because I'm not into to Realistic Fiction but this book was a really good book. I would recommend this book to anyone who has to do a Realistic Fiction book report but is not into the Genre.
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