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Moral Implications

Social, Environmental, Moral and Economical issues

Sophie Shepherd

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Moral Implications

Moral Implications Social Issues The design of the product must be appropriate for the target audience so that it appeals to them. No offensive images or text can be used in case a complaint is made. The images must also relate to the product. For example; my product, the Samsung Galaxy Ace box, uses an image of the phone on the front to present it. This will give consumers confidence in the product and the company, as they can see what they are buying. The net of the packaging must also be suitable to hold the product well and not just be purely for form, but function as well. S
E The style of the product has to fit a trend so that people will want to buy an improved version. If the product fits a new trend then the sales will increase because it is a new, exciting design. However, if the style is out of fashion, then there wont be as many sales. The 6 R's Reduce Reduce means to make an amount smaller in size. This could be for packaging, so less materials are used to make a product. This lowers the amount of wasted material that could potential harm the environment. Packing is the main threat to the environment as designers are more interested in the aesthetics than the suitability. Reuse Reuse means to make another use of a material or product instead of wasting it. Things that can be used again should be to reduce the cost of remaking it and to benefit the environment by not releasing as much gas into the atmosphere and harming it. Designers need to make their products sustainable by making sure they can be reused. Recycle Recycle means to convert a material back into its original state so it can be used again. This means that landfills don't get over polluted because most waste can be used. Also, it lowers the amount of making new materials and using energy to do so. Most people recycle so that less gas from burning waste it released into the atmosphere. Rethink Rethink is when a product isn't completely satisfying for the needs of the environment. So the designer must need to re-evaluate the product to make it eco friendly. They must come up with a solution that is less harmful to the environment and will be sustained. It is a summary of all the 6 R's to find the best product. Repair Repair means that instead of buying a new product, you should try to fix the existing one to reduce the cost of making and the amount of gas produced from this action. Also, when the product is being made, the designer should think about how easy it will be to repair it without damaging the atmosphere. Therefore, it should be designed to last for a long time to avoid having to repair it Refuse Refuse means that people can decline a product if it is not the best option for the environment. This could be that the packaging is not necessarily needed or is too large for the product so is wasting material. You should always chose the most environmentally friendly option when purchasing products. Design Environmental Issues When products are being produced the materials being used need to be carefully considered. This is because they need to be cheap and not wasteful so that they are environmentally friendly. For my product the materials are high quality but quite cheap and have an efficient production method. Manufacturers need to make sure that there isn't much shipping for the materials or product because this will cause greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere which is not good. To make production efficient and good for the environment, it needs to be sustainable so that setup costs aren't a problem. Once the equipment is set up the manufacture of mass produce will be cheap and quick. To reduce waste materials, nets are tessellated so that not much material is going in landfills and affecting the environment. Other ways of helping the environment are to recycle. Landfills. Land fills are a major problem for the environment. Too much waste is being put into them and affecting habitats around them and also the waste is releasing some poisonous gases into the surroundings. Some materials are removed from landfills such as recyclable metals and plastics and burnable materials are sent to the incinerator. This has proper environmental controls to reduce waste volumes and recover energy. Economical Issues The factory workers must be paid at least minimum wage and must be in good, clean working conditions. Furthermore if the company choose to recycle then this will produce more jobs for the unemployed which is good for the economy. The production cost must not be expensive so that a profit can be made from the sales. This means the production can be sustained without a risk of recession. The resources must be used efficiently to save energy, money and materials. The manufacturers should go by 'less equals more' to ensure less pollution is caused and less materials are wasted. Sourcing materials and transportation can cause a big impact to the environment, so must be made sustainable. Cultural Diversity The product must be diverse so that it will attract different age groups and cultures. This will make it sell more if it relates to different people and not to one specific group. My product; the mobile box, promotes sociability, so the packaging could be related to social contexts. Future Generations To make a product successful it needs to meet the needs of customers to enable it to be with-stained so that future generations will want to buy it My Product The Samsung Galaxy Ace packaging is suitable for keeping the product safe, but does not meet the environmental, social and economical issues that need to be considered. This is why i will redesign the box to make it morally right, but also keep its strengths; such as the aesthetics, the finishes and the production cost. To make my product environmentally friendly I am going to minimize the size of the box. This will reduce the amount of material used and the cost of production. It will also mean that less pollution occurs from factories producing this material and also reduce the energy it takes to make the box. When transporting the box, the smaller size means less space is needed so fuel cost will become cheaper and CO2 will be released from car emissions. In order for the box to meet social issues it needs to be attractive to the audience so that it will stand out from other competitors. This means making the design modern and intriguing so people will want to buy it. It must also be appropriate for the product and keep its function and display it well. If the packaging is expensive to make then it will be more expensive to buy in the market, so less people will buy it and the company will not get much profit. So that the product is economically good I will make sure the materials used are inexpensive and I will use them efficiently. This means less materials will need to be bought, saving money. The finishes used must also be quite cheap, but pleasing. If they didn't advertise the product well, less people would buy it, meaning no profit is made. Using less material means energy and landfill prices are reduced, therefore it is more likely for the manufacturing to be sustainable. These prices are constantly increasing, so finding ways to lower the amount you use will be very beneficial. Manufacturers should also be economic to keep a good reputation so customers will prefer to buy a less expensive product that hasn't affected the environment. As the product matures, the sales become more average, as less people are buying the dated version because of the new competition introduced. This will mean a decline in sales, so a new, improved version will be made again. This is the product life cycle. Summary of product REDUCE: The amount of packaging and materials
REUSE: Tessellate materials so there is no waste
RECYCLE: The materials will be recyclable
REPAIR: It will not need repairing as it will be sustainable
REFUSE: The product will function efficiently and will be morally right
RETHINK: The product is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and socially right.
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