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Everything You Want to Know About a SBHC

Available at Prezzip.com

Your Prezis

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of Everything You Want to Know About a SBHC

Enrolling Students in Health Care
With a national push to utilize health care enrollment
Healthy kids make
I don't know if my child is still enrolled!
They provide an array of services, depending on the center. Not all SBHCs are the same, so you'll need to ask!
Coverage at School
In close partnership with:
Is your child enrolled in health insurance?
Prezi Templates & Prezi Design
Presentation Training
I'm not the child's parent/guardian. I don't know if I can enroll him/her.
By alleviating the access barrier, SBHCs can work with families and schools to ensure students get the recommended care that they need, as well as acute care.
We can pave the road to good health with prevention services and help refer to specialty care when needed.
And together, we reach our goal.
Add content, change the path:
Make it your Prezi!
Your story
So what do SBHCs look like?
In West Virginia...
We limited the amount of colors to enhance the clarity of this design.
By collaborating with the schools and community resources, problems along the road can be addressed collectively.
We inserted all these assets for you to work with:
3D backgrounds
This is a multi purpose template.
It includes the 'Hero' theme.
But you can transform it to:
'Road to the Top'
'Mountain tops'
'Midnight Sky'
Scared of the yourney?
West Virginia has one of the highest percent of public coverage and
the lowest number of children without any insurance. Despite this, WV's kids aren't accessing preventive services.
I can't remember! Does it expire?
Exam room at Weirton Elementary Health Center
How do we get from sick care to health care and embrace prevention? It's an uphill battle.
You mean I should go to the doctor even when I'm not sick?
Currently, there are 121 SBHCs in our state in 36 counties.
Lack of family transportation, parents can't get away from work, questions whether insurance will cover a service or procedure, etc.
We have more SBHCs per capita than any other state in the country. And since SBHCs first opened in our state in the early nineties, we have some of the oldest centers in the country, too.
The number of centers serving each grade are as follows:
Pre-K- 49 7th grade- 45
1st grade- 53 8th grade- 43
2nd grade- 53 9th grade- 56
3rd grade- 53 10th grade- 56
4th grade- 52 11th grade- 56
5th grade- 49 12th grade- 56
6th grade- 45

Standard Services Provided by all SBHCs

Well-Child Care
Triage for Medical Emergencies
Case Management of Chronic Conditions
Care Coordination between SBHC

Staff and Primary Care Provider
Consultation/Coordination with school staff, parent/guardian and teachers, as appropriate
Referral to medical specialty services and follow-up
Thirty-eight SBHCs either staff their own services or contract with a behavioral health provider.

SBHCs provide oral health services.

Sponsoring Agencies
Twenty-Two Community Health Centers:
Belington Medical Center
Community Care of West Virginia, Inc.
Cabin Creek Health System
Camden-on-Gauley Medical Center, Inc.
E.A. Hawse Health Center
FamilyCare HealthCenter
Hygeia Facilities Foundation
Lincoln Primary Care Center
Minnie Hamilton Health System
Monongahela Valley Association of Health Centers, Inc.
Monroe County Health Center
New River Health Association, Inc.
Pendleton Community Care
Rainelle Medical Center, Inc.
Ritchie Regional Health Care
Tug River Health Association, Inc.
Valley Health Systems, Inc.
Wirt County Health Services Association

One Hospital- Roane General Hospital
Billing, including Medicaid, CHIP, PEIA and private insurers
Federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grants
WVDHHR- Division of Primary Care
Sisters of St. Joseph Health and Wellness Foundation
WVDHHR- Bureau for Health and Health Facilities
Benedum Foundation
Private Grants
Funding Sources
Hmm....I think may want a SBHC in my school.
What should I do?
Next Steps
Remember that all SBHCs in WV are intitiated, planned and operated at the county level.
Contact WVSBHA, and we'll help you get the right people to the table .
Contact Marshall University's School Health Technical Assistance Team for tech support .
Remember, it's a community collaboration. The sponsoring agency's board of directors must approve. The county board of education must approve. The parents must complete consent forms to use the center.

Thank you

Kelli Caseman
West Virginia School-Based Health Assembly

Indian Health Center at Sissonville High School
James Monroe High School-Based Health Center
Mt. Hope Elementary School-Based Health Center
Doddridge County Elementary and Middle School-Based Health Center
Franklin Elementary School-Based Health Center
River View High School-Based Health Center
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